Media & Press – Thank you for having me!

I’m always happy to speak about my experiences as an introvert. Feel free to reach out via Email if you’d like to have an introverted guest on your podcast, blog or magazine! I speak german & english fluently.

VICE Online Magazine –

“At the end of each day, in a palm-sized lavender notebook, Julia* scribbles down what it’s like to be an introvert in a world that prizes extroversion. But the notebook isn’t the final resting ground for the 22-year-old’s thoughts. Once edited for clarity or spelling, they’ll go on her Instagram, @thegermanintrovert,….”

I gave this interview in October 2019. What I did on Instagram was different back then, but I’m so happy that it got me where I am now!

Susanne –

“An ihrer Arbeit finde ich vor allem bemerkenswert, wie authentisch sie dabei auftritt! Man kann nämlich ziemlich deutlich mitverfolgen, welche tolle Entwicklung sie selbst als Introvertierte macht. Welche Entscheidung zu dieser Entwicklung beigetragen hat, erzählt sie in diesem Interview. Viel Freude beim Lesen!”

This interview is very close to my heart because I’m for the first time ever telling the story of how I got to where I am now. All the things I do today on social media was the result of one single but big decision.[German]

Pfau Academic Writing –

“We interview Julia Burdajewicz, also known as the Germann Introvert, a health psychology student and digital content creator, about understanding introversion and breaking down barriers that often hold introverts back. The student experience as an introvert can also be challenging, especially in large educational institutions with tens of thousands of students.”

Another very special interview for me was with Lisa Pfau from Pfau Academic Writing. In this podcast interview, I shared my experiences as an introvert going to university and the daily struggles I faced during this time. We also talked about the misconceptions introverts are confronted with on the daily and how I maintain a healthy balance in my life as an introvert.

“Träuma weiter!” Podcast by Katie Aenderson (Episode 28)

Julia hat den Blog the German Introvert und spricht dort über ihren Alltag als introvertiere Person, welche Tücken und aber auch Chancen sie darin sieht.

In this Podcast Episode I talked about my life as an introvert, the struggles I faced at work because of being a shy introvert and the misconceptions that exist about us. [German]