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the german introvert holding a yellow flower

Why you need extroverted friends as an introvert!😊

No personality type is more idealized in our society than the extroverted personality type. Especially in business, extroverts are like the popstars entrepreneurs and recruiters look up to. Pretty much everybody wants to be like them, and honestly, I can’t blame them! Extroverts – are they really so special? Most extroverts are really fun to be around, and many for sure know how to win the crowd. That’s also why so many actors, singers, comedians, and public speakers are extroverts. Yet, not every extrovert is like that – even between extroverts, there are can be huge differences in character and personality that makes each extrovert unique. Still, most extroverts have it easier a lot easier than us the introverts, when it comes to social interactions and social life in general. Contrary to us introverts, extroverts are usually more open towards the new. New faces don’t make them this nervous, they are also way more talkative than us, and they usually don’t have huges struggles with feeling comfortable in a new situation. An extrovert also doesn’t …


My opinion on online-dating as an introvert

Who else knows those cheesy romantic movies where two people bump into each other on the streets, have a very short and random conversation which makes them fall madly in love with each other and by the end of the movie one is proposing and soon after they get married? I bet you have at least watched one of those romantic movies in your life and felt very lonely after watching it. How do I know that? Because that’s exactly what happened to me every freaking time. After watching one of those movies, when all the loneliness feelings are boiling up in my body, I don’t wish for anything more but to have one of those cheesy romantic moments in which I will bump into the love of my life and live happily ever after with him.  And did that happen? Of course not! If you are an introvert like me, you’re most likely spending most of your time at home. The only time you go out into the public is when you absolutely have …