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julia aka the german introvert

Holding presentations with confidence as an introvert

One of the things many of us introverts fear the absolute most is having to hold presentations in front of other people. Even worse: in front of a bunch of classmates or co-workers, you don’t really like nor are friends with. Unfortunately, having to hold presentations is a pretty usual thing nowadays… Yet, as something so common in schools and universities, our education system fails at teaching us how to actually become good at it. Especially for us introverts – it’s basically one of the worst situations. We usually dislike putting ourselves into the spotlight anyway – but when it happens against our will (like most of the time), it’s even more of a struggle. But because presenting subjects and ideas became such a normal thing everywhere, there is literally no way to escape it. But there is also a silver lining: with practice (and a couple of tips) it can get easier for all of us! Just to give you an idea about my experience: I used to really hate holding presentations. It wasn’t …