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The life of an introvert: An interview with Maria; Student & Slow Life Advocate – #CommunityMonth

Yay – welcome to the third interview of this very special introvert community month! This month, I’m going to introduce you to four wonderful introverts from all around the world who will share with you their stories and life experiences as introverts. This interview is the third interview of this whole series. If you missed the first two, please check out the Interview with Tasmin Lowe and the Interview with Franziska Marx aftward! Let’s meet today’s guest: Maria! Question: “Want to introduce yourself?” Answer: My name is Maria, I’m 18 years old, and I’ll soon be studying psychology at University. I’ve also been studying music alongside the regular school for eight years now. I live in Portugal. I love sewing – mostly historical fashion and embroidery-, I also love photography, cooking, and reading/ studying. I am also an advocate for a slower and simpler way of living and a fellow introvert! Q: “Have you always known you were an introvert?” A: No, I actually haven’t. For the most part of my life I have not identified myself as an …