Do we become more introverted or extroverted with age?

"Do we become more introverted or extroverted with age?" - This question is one of the most interesting ones for an introvert like me who is very interested in human psychology and personality development, and also loves to have deep discussions! Many introverts are interested in these types of topics for various reasons, which is… Continue reading Do we become more introverted or extroverted with age?

Rezension: “Entdecke dein Wofür” von Ali Mahlodji

entdecke dein wofür von ali mahlodji - buchcover

Die Basis-Infos: Titel: Entdecke dein Wofür: Der Weg zu einem Leben, das wirklich deins ist Autor: Ali MahlodjiSeiten: 222 (inklusive Videoinhalte)Verlag: Gräfe und Unzer ( 17,99 € (DE) Inhalt: "Wer du bist - und wer du sein könntest." Der Autor Ali Mahlodji erzählt in diesem Buch von seiner eindrucksvollen Reise vom stotternden Flüchtlingskind und Schulabbrecher zum… Continue reading Rezension: “Entdecke dein Wofür” von Ali Mahlodji

5 Things I wish I knew before as a young introvert

Growing up as an introvert in a society that really didn't understand that introverted people are allowed to exist without having to fix them wasn't easy. I always felt like an outcast. Like someone who just didn't fit in and will never because of my "weird personality." A personality that felt totally right to me,… Continue reading 5 Things I wish I knew before as a young introvert

Why being spontaneous is hard for introverts

For the longest time, I actually thought that I was the most spontaneous person on earth.  I always disliked having plans or setting dates into my calendar. I felt like I needed maximum flexibility every day of the year. Committing to plans? No way. Even the thought made me feel like I'm putting myself into… Continue reading Why being spontaneous is hard for introverts

5 reasons why you should love being an introvert

I know that many introverts are currently on their path of self-acceptance and self-love which I totally love. But I also know how hard this can be sometimes, therefore today's blog post is all about embracing your introverted self! So, in case you're having a bad day today and/or are just disliking some parts of… Continue reading 5 reasons why you should love being an introvert

How to spot energy vampires & get rid of them

As you might know from my previous blogposts socializing is essential for every human being. Even for introverts! We all need to have friends in our lives and people we feel close to. As introverts, we are certainly no exception. We might survive longer without having any social contact just because our desire and need… Continue reading How to spot energy vampires & get rid of them

Was du gegen Selbstunterschätzung tun kannst


Als introvertierte und sehr bodenständige Person war ich in meiner Jugend noch nie jemand gewesen, der gerne mit seinen Erfolgen prahlte. Natürlich habe auch ich mich über gute Ergebnisse zum Beispiel in Klausuren gefreut und es auch gerne meinen Eltern anschließend erzählt, aber diese Erfolge waren nichts, mit dem ich darüber hinaus hausieren ging. Einerseits… Continue reading Was du gegen Selbstunterschätzung tun kannst