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introvert in the woods during sunset enjoying time alone in spring

Spice up your introvert life: Spring & Summer (Solo) Activity Ideas 🌼

With the change of the seasons, the warmer weather, and more sunny days, most people want to get outside more. Even we introverts tend to feel more motivated to leave our homes, participate in social activities and maybe go on a few little adventures with our closest friends. I personally also experience an increase in social energy during the summer months, probably because of the big vitamin D boost we get from the sun during this time. The increase of daylight also leaves me feeling less fatigued, which I appreciate a lot. I don’t count summer as my most favorite season, yet, I do like to make the most of it nonetheless. So here are my ideas & tips to spice up your laid-back introvert life during the sunnier days in spring and summer. Enjoy! 1. Go on nature walks & hikes This is honestly also one of my goals this year – to go on more nature walks and also on hikes. I’m so in love with the beauty of nature, so I can’t …