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How to get started: Intuitive journaling for introverts

If you’re one of my followers on Instagram, you know that I love to journal! This has many reasons, one being that I find it to be an incredibly relaxing and grounding practice and two, also experience it to be a very helpful tool to explore my inner world without creating more chaos in it. That’s why, nowadays, I journal nearly every day – depending on the current life circumstances I’m in. Sometimes I skip a couple of days, but when I do, I always kind of miss it from my routine.  How have I started my (intuitive) journaling practice? I started my journaling practice back in September 2019 as part of a gratitude exercise I was doing at that time. This gratitude exercise was supposed to help me see more positivity in my life and create an overall more positive outlook on life itself. This mainly included writing down lists of things that I was grateful each day for a time span of four weeks into a journal or diary.  After the second week of writing …