Rezension: “Entdecke dein Wofür” von Ali Mahlodji

entdecke dein wofür von ali mahlodji - buchcover

Die Basis-Infos: Titel: Entdecke dein Wofür: Der Weg zu einem Leben, das wirklich deins ist Autor: Ali MahlodjiSeiten: 222 (inklusive Videoinhalte)Verlag: Gräfe und Unzer ( 17,99 € (DE) Inhalt: "Wer du bist - und wer du sein könntest." Der Autor Ali Mahlodji erzählt in diesem Buch von seiner eindrucksvollen Reise vom stotternden Flüchtlingskind und Schulabbrecher zum… Continue reading Rezension: “Entdecke dein Wofür” von Ali Mahlodji

Holding presentations with confidence as an introvert

julia aka the german introvert

One of the things many of us introverts fear the absolute most is having to hold presentations in front of other people. Even worse: in front of a bunch of classmates or co-workers, you don't really like nor are friends with. Unfortunately, having to hold presentations is a pretty usual thing nowadays... Yet, as something… Continue reading Holding presentations with confidence as an introvert

Why being spontaneous is hard for introverts

For the longest time, I actually thought that I was the most spontaneous person on earth.  I always disliked having plans or setting dates into my calendar. I felt like I needed maximum flexibility every day of the year. Committing to plans? No way. Even the thought made me feel like I'm putting myself into… Continue reading Why being spontaneous is hard for introverts

Rezension: “Diese verdammten Ängste” von Ursula Karven

Diese verdammten Ängste von Ursula Karven - Buchcover

Die Basis-Infos: Titel: Diese verdammten ÄngsteAutor: Urusla KarvenSeiten: 176 (inklusive DVD)Verlag: Gräfe und Unzer ( 24,99 € (DE) Inhalt: Im Buch von Ursula Karven, Schauspielerin und Yogini, dreht sich alles um das Thema Ängste. Vor allem darum, wie wir mithilfe von Yoga unseren Ängsten produktiv begegnen können, um uns damit die Möglichkeit zu geben über… Continue reading Rezension: “Diese verdammten Ängste” von Ursula Karven

The fear of wasting your time and how I managed to lose it completely


Time. We all know about the concept of time. Every day consists of 24 hours. Every hour has 60 minutes. Every minute has 60 seconds. And most importantly: time never stops. As you are starting to read this blog post, time is passing by every millisecond. Sometimes we notice it because we are used to… Continue reading The fear of wasting your time and how I managed to lose it completely