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The German Introvert walking along a field of sunflowers

3 Signs you might not be a real introvert – maybe you’re an extrovert or ambivert?🤷‍♀️

As an introvert, I know what it feels like to be one. I was born an introvert, and I will most certainly die an introvert as well. It’s nothing that changes over time or that I can influence to change. So, you could say, at this point, I’m quite sure that there is no way I will ever experience what it feels like not to be an introvert. (Scary thought that there are people who don’t know what it feels like, huh?) As an introvert, I’m quite sure I know how most introverts feel like deep inside. I know from my own experience where particular behavior comes from, and I think I can kind of predict it as well, thanks to my knowledge in psychology. I don’t believe that people don’t have a free will – even an introvert can behave totally differently to their personality if they want to. Still, I think that most of us have specific behaviorism in common, making it easy to tell us from extroverts apart. Have you been mistyping …