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Miraculously Introverted! Podcast is available on many platforms for podcast streaming!

All my Podcast episodes are mostly in german, but I also offer special episodes for my english speaking listeners about different educational topics. Subscribe the podcast on your favourite streaming plattform (links below) & make sure to follow me on my social media to never miss any new episode again!

Podcast description:

[GER] Dieser Podcast wird gehostet von Julia (thegermanintrovert), einer jungen Introvertierten mitten in ihren Zwanzigern. Mit diesem Podcast möchte ich dir gerne dabei helfen deine Introversion zu verstehen, zu akzeptieren und allen voran auch besser damit umzugehen. Das Motto: “Introvertiert sein ist wunderbar!” |

[ENG] This Podcast is hosted by Julia (thegermanintrovert), a young introverted woman in her early twenties. This podcast was created to help fellow introverts to understand themselves better and make the best out of their introversion. Motto: You are miraculously Introverted!

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