Yay – I’m now a Patreon Creator!

You enjoy the content I upload regularly on my Social Media Accounts as well as on this Blog and my Podcast and would love to show your appreciation?

Starting with today, this is now possible!

As an officially a creator on Patreon, you can now support my work by becoming one of my patrons! In exchange for a monthly pledge, you get bonus content, nobody else will get, access to an exclusive community for all of you who want to dive a little deeper and more personal contact.

On my Patreon page, you can choose between multiple different tiers. Each of the tiers comes with specific bonus content. The higher you go, the more bonus content you’ll get!

To give you a little idea of what you can expect…

This is what the 5 € – Tier gets access to:

– Access to a Discord Group Chat
– Access to the “Introverted World” Journal (currently twice per month; access to all already available)
– Bonus Podcast Episodes (once monthly; access to all already available)
– Exclusive Voting Privilege

Watch my introduction video on Patreon!

→ As a patron, you support me and my work with a monthly pledge

→ Your monthly pledge grants you access to exclusive benefits for all my patrons that won’t be distributed on other platforms! ❤

→ You can always cancel your monthly payment. This will entirely remove all access you’ve had to all of the bonus content and the community as a whole

The good thing: You can re-access at any time! (And I would love you to stay!)

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Every bit of money that comes through this Patreon page enables me to focus more on producing high-quality content for the introvert community! It would be a dream come true for me to be able to turn this big hobby of mine into a real full-time job.

I would love to welcome you to this exclusive community and get more personal contact with you. As part of my inner circle, it’s my honor to provide you with high-quality and exciting bonus content only you will get and let you be part of the creative process behind “the german introvert”.

Feel free to check out my Introduction Video on my Patreon Page: