Self-care tips for bad days as an introvert

the german introvert - julia in the woods

I think we all have those weird days where we don't really feel like ourselves. Everything could possibly make us cry, nothing really makes us happy, and we don't want to talk to anyone! Often, it feels like there is no real reasoning behind it, but we know that there is this huge imbalance inside… Continue reading Self-care tips for bad days as an introvert

Apple cake: super easy to make & very delicious! #recipe

This is by far one of my all-time faves! I love this recipe! My sister came up with this a couple of weeks ago after trying out multiple different apple cake recipes from other people. She didn't like it very much, so she changed up things until it became the most perfect apple cake recipe… Continue reading Apple cake: super easy to make & very delicious! #recipe

Rezension: “Entdecke dein Wofür” von Ali Mahlodji

entdecke dein wofür von ali mahlodji - buchcover

Die Basis-Infos: Titel: Entdecke dein Wofür: Der Weg zu einem Leben, das wirklich deins ist Autor: Ali MahlodjiSeiten: 222 (inklusive Videoinhalte)Verlag: Gräfe und Unzer ( 17,99 € (DE) Inhalt: "Wer du bist - und wer du sein könntest." Der Autor Ali Mahlodji erzählt in diesem Buch von seiner eindrucksvollen Reise vom stotternden Flüchtlingskind und Schulabbrecher zum… Continue reading Rezension: “Entdecke dein Wofür” von Ali Mahlodji

My meditation journey & how to start practicing

“The more regularly and the more deeply you meditate, the sooner you will find yourself acting always from a center of peace.”– J. Donald Walters As an introvert, I have a deep love for meditation.I started my very own meditation practice roughly half a year ago and I meditate at least three times a week,… Continue reading My meditation journey & how to start practicing

5 Things I wish I knew before as a young introvert

Growing up as an introvert in a society that really didn't understand that introverted people are allowed to exist without having to fix them wasn't easy. I always felt like an outcast. Like someone who just didn't fit in and will never because of my "weird personality." A personality that felt totally right to me,… Continue reading 5 Things I wish I knew before as a young introvert

Rezension: “Entfalte was in dir steckt” von Sigrid Engelbrecht (Hörbuch)

Die Basis-Infos: Dauer: 2 Std 20 Min (2 CDs)Gelesen von: Jutta RibbrockKategorien: Ratgeber, LebensführungVerlag: Argon Verlag GmbHErscheinungsdatum: 25.9.2014Preis: 14,95 € Sprecher: Jutta Ribbrock hat eine sehr angenehme und freundliche Lesestimme. Die Aussprache ist klar und deutlich. Die Sprechpausen wurden an den richtigen Stellen gesetzt und das Sprechtempo war über das gesamte Hörbuch hinaus ideal. Ich… Continue reading Rezension: “Entfalte was in dir steckt” von Sigrid Engelbrecht (Hörbuch)

How to get started: Intuitive journaling for introverts

picture of my journal

If you're one of my followers on Instagram, you know that I love to journal! This has many reasons, one being that I find it to be an incredibly relaxing and grounding practice and two, also experience it to be a very helpful tool to explore my inner world without creating more chaos in it. That's why,… Continue reading How to get started: Intuitive journaling for introverts

Holding presentations with confidence as an introvert

julia aka the german introvert

One of the things many of us introverts fear the absolute most is having to hold presentations in front of other people. Even worse: in front of a bunch of classmates or co-workers, you don't really like nor are friends with. Unfortunately, having to hold presentations is a pretty usual thing nowadays... Yet, as something… Continue reading Holding presentations with confidence as an introvert

Why being spontaneous is hard for introverts

For the longest time, I actually thought that I was the most spontaneous person on earth.  I always disliked having plans or setting dates into my calendar. I felt like I needed maximum flexibility every day of the year. Committing to plans? No way. Even the thought made me feel like I'm putting myself into… Continue reading Why being spontaneous is hard for introverts

The most delicious apple-cinnamon rolls you’ll ever eat! #recipe

Big, fluffy & soooo soft! If you ever wanted to try out a very easy to make and delicious apple-cinnamon rolls recipe, it is your chance today! This recipe will blow your mind - I promise. After a couple of tries and modifications, I finally found the perfect combination of ingredients that makes this recipe… Continue reading The most delicious apple-cinnamon rolls you’ll ever eat! #recipe