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Introverted Characters in Movies & TV Shows 📽

Who doesn’t enjoy watching a good movie or TV show every now and then? I certainly do, and as the daydreaming introvert that I am, who’s also guilty of taking any opportunity to feed my escapism, there’ve been plenty of TV shows and movies that I watched to dissapear from reality and that grew very close to my heart while doing so.

Without a doubt, I’ve spent a considerable amount of my time, nights as well as days, curled in warm blankets and watching heros and villains fight, love interests fall in love with the main character, as well as average people getting into the kind of trouble us real people would never dare putting themselves into. Many of these stories have one thing in common: the classic, confident extroverted maincharacter who’s getting the praise for everything, while the quiet ones have been putting all the work in in the background.

Today, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to some of my most favorite introverted heroes and main characters.

May these fictional characters inspire you to discover your hidden talents and own your (special) powers as an introvert. Enjoy!


Signs I look out for when typing fictional characters as introverted:

  • They process information internally & keep most of their thoughts to themselves
  • They engage in solitary activities more than they engage in social activities
  • They have a small social circle, most of the time ~one or two really good friends
  • They aren’t reckless nor put themselves into danger without a good reason
  • They are very loyal and honest to the people they love
  • They rarely intentionally draw attention onto themselves & usually avoid being put into the spotlight (like public speeches or other in-person social situations)
  • They are observers and often seem to pick up on little details others can’t see (i.e. in conversations, about people & the environment)
  • They need time to adapt to changes (like new surroundings) & don’t make new friends right away as it takes a while for them to feel comfortable
  • They are not the “open like a book”-type of people & often seem mysterious and reserved, sometimes even closed off when they are first introduced
  • They are often very empathic personalities with leader qualities, however they usually don’t strive for most leading positions (This can vary, though!)
  • They are often the ones to give people helpful advice & new perspectives
  • They will regularly get out of their way to help others (friends, family…) & find a way to fix things for them or help them out differently
  • They also rarely ask for help themselves & only bring their issues to the table when there is no possible way they can do it on their own
  • They need time to themselves to decompress & recharge after a busy week, especially on the weekends
  • They are usually not the ones to plan social gatherings & rarely attend bigger social events themselves

Most of the time, if you feel like a character is similar to you as an introvert, chances are quite high that they are indeed introverted characters!

However, this doesn’t always have to be the case, as many fictional characters go through a whole development phase over the course of a whole movie or tv show, making their personality sometimes even change entirely compared to the beginning. I think we all know those “introverted characters” that somehow lost all their introvert traits over the course of 90 minutes, or ended somewhere more in-between (=ambivert), as they’ve been put into all sorts of situations.

And unfortunately, sometimes screenwriters (also authors) misuse or misinterpret symptoms of mental illnesses like social anxiety/depression or even dissabilities to portray a “weak” introverted character. As you can probably imagine, this can be incredibly both hurtful & misleading…

If you struggle with pin-pointing if a fictional character that you like & resonate with is as introverted as you think they are, I recommend to check their MBTI Type in one of the many MBTI online databases. Even though this isn’t a scientifically proven way to tell if someone is actually introverted or not, it can give you a hint into the right direction.

Do you know other interesting introverted characters TV-Shows and Movie characters that have been inspiring and empowering to you as an introvert?

Feel free to comment them down below! 🙂

Legal Disclaimer: The illustrations used for this post are -not- mine.

All credit goes to the incredible artists!

introvert in the woods during sunset enjoying time alone in spring

Spice up your introvert life: Spring & Summer (Solo) Activity Ideas 🌼

With the change of the seasons, the warmer weather, and more sunny days, most people want to get outside more. Even we introverts tend to feel more motivated to leave our homes, participate in social activities and maybe go on a few little adventures with our closest friends.

I personally also experience an increase in social energy during the summer months, probably because of the big vitamin D boost we get from the sun during this time. The increase of daylight also leaves me feeling less fatigued, which I appreciate a lot. I don’t count summer as my most favorite season, yet, I do like to make the most of it nonetheless.

So here are my ideas & tips to spice up your laid-back introvert life during the sunnier days in spring and summer. Enjoy!

1. Go on nature walks & hikes

This is honestly also one of my goals this year – to go on more nature walks and also on hikes. I’m so in love with the beauty of nature, so I can’t wait to get outside more!

2. Make a solo-picnic outside (or with your closest friends)

Who doesn’t love food? My top picks for a yummy picnic would be croissants, a little bowl with blueberries, apricots/peaches, and fruit cake. And if I’m going solo, I will definitely bring a good book with me.

3. Go flower (or berry) picking!

Who doesn’t enjoy having some beautiful flowers at home? I personally love to decorate spaces with them, especially when I freshly picked from outside and didn’t just buy the from the store. Yes, I honestly can’t wait for the flowers to finally start blooming outside!

4. Bake yummy muffins or cakes with seasonal fruits

I think this is not only a very enjoyable activity, but you’ll also get yummy treats out of it. So, it’s absolutely a win for your present and future you, who will most likely appreciate the effort you put into this. My favorite fruits of the spring and summer season are blueberries and strawberries (both make amazing topics for cakes and muffins).

5. Enjoy a sunset by yourself (or with someone else)

Who doesn’t enjoy watching the sun slowly go down behind the horizon? I think sunsets are absolutely stunning to wtiness and I love the golden atmosphere it creates.

6. Go star-gazing and watch the (full) moon

Especially during summer, it’s probably one of the most romantic activities for couples. But don’t worry, solo star-gazing is delightful as well. I like to sit on the balcony when it’s already after midnight and sit outside during the full moon while watching the stars shine bright in the clear night sky.

7. Get yourself some new books to read outdoors

I love reading with all my heart and if there’s is something I do a lot during the spring and summertime, it’s grabbing myself a book to read outside in the garden or in the forest. Therefore, regularly getting myself new books is absolutely necessary so I won’t run out of good reads to take with me outside!

8. Dive into a new hobby & learn something new

I’m absolutely guilty of starting too many new hobbies and not following through with them after hyper focusing on them for one month straight. But does that mean I can’t just start with something completely new? No! I think diving into new hobbies is one of the most fun things, and there is pretty much no time during the year where you can’t just start learning how to draw or learn a new language.

9. Work on one of your biggest dreams

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of “hustle culture”, but with the new energy we get during spring and summer, we might as well put it into things that make us happy. So, how about finally fulfilling your dreams and start working on them?

10. Build up a new mindful self-care routine

It doesn’t matter how you intend to spend the spring and summertime, but taking care of yourself is essential all year round. And no, I don’t mean adding sunscreen to your skincare routine with that! I’m talking about trying out journaling, maybe get in some regular meditation, going on nature walks, giving yourself enough me-time, and setting healthy boundaries.

11. Go on a little solo road trip (or with a close friend)

I know that you think that you need a companion to go on road trips and see the world, but you absolutely don’t. At least, as long as traveling solo is a safe option for you where you live. Sometimes, as introverts, the things we enjoyed the most are often done alone!

12. Get to know yourself better to grow as a person!

A very underrated activity is getting to know yourself better… for example, by taking personality tests online, reading self-help books, or just journaling about what’s on your mind lately. We introverts are already excellent at self-observing and introspecting, so we might as well use this skill to improve ourselves and grow during spring and summer. What do you think?

13. Make yourself a music playlist & dance!

I love dancing. So much that I’ve started to go on forest walks with my favorite music saved on my phone just to dance my heart out in the middle of nowhere while nobody is watching. It’s super liberating and makes me so happy – every freaking time. Highly recommend this to all fellow introverts!

I hope you enjoyed my selection of fun spring and summer activity ideas to spicy up your life during the sunnier days. As an introvert myself, I know how difficult it is to make yourself try out something new and leave your comfort zones sometimes. Please, don’t take these ideas to make your life “look” like more fun for other people on the outside – we don’t do that here!

These are just my personal ideas and suggestions to help you find new activities you could try out if you feel like experimenting and changing up your routines sometimes. Without draining you of all your energy!
At the end of the day, all that matters is that how you’re spending your time makes you happy! It really doesn’t matter how “fun or aesthetic” they look for other people on the outside.

Always remember: You can’t miss out on something you never wanted to do in the first place! 🙂

introvert woods forest mean comments about your introverted personality

How to respond to mean comments as an introvert (with confidence & kindness)

A serious question before we start: Is there a single introvert who didn’t receive mean comments about their behavior, personality, and over-all energy growing up?

If you answered with yes, I’m incredibly happy for you! But I’m also a tiny bit jealous… Want to know why?

I’m one of those introverts who got criticized a lot for being who I am growing up. There were teachers at middle school and later in high school, so-called friends, and even people that barely knew me who criticized me for being too quiet, too reserved, not outgoing enough, not talkative enough. They even had the audicity to call me boring, unnecessary and bland!

Having the knowledge I have now, I still wish I could travel back in time to save my younger me from all these toxic influences that were part of my life back then. I know I can’t, so I hope I can at least help those who are in a similar position right now.

If someone had given me a penny every time someone had something mean to say about my personality, I’d be a millionaire!

Don’t get me wrong, though. Of course, people are allowed to criticize others for showing bad behavior or making wrong decisions. I also get that people don’t get along with every personality type out there. I’m certainly the last one to pretend that being friends with i.e. an extreme extrovert would be easy for me as a very introverted person. I’m not for everyone, and I’m okay with that.

However, this doesn’t mean anyone has the right to make mean comments about other people’s personality and criticize them for being who they are just because they don’t enjoy their personality. As long as you’re still a good person, who cares if you like to read or day or go bungee-jumping? I, for sure, don’t. (We probably just won’t be very close friends if you like to go bungee-jumping all day… I’m a very “ndoor”-type of person.)

So, if you ever find yourself in a position where you’re facing someone’s mean comments about you and feel like giving a proper, but also confident response to stand up for yourself. THIS IS FOR YOU!

What did you just say to me?

People be like…

„You’re always so quiet. Say something!”

I prefer to talk when I have something to say and am not being forced to talk. Right now, there is nothing of value I could add to the conversation, so I prefer to stay quiet and listen.

„You’re so weird… always by yourself! Isn’t that boring?”

I enjoy spending time with myself, plus, because I’m always doing things that make me happy, I never get bored. My life would only be boring someone would force me to engange in things I don’t enjoy that much.

„You are missing out on so much fun you could have with other people!”

I actually can’t miss out on something that doesn’t make me happy! But I get that you would miss it dearly… it’s just not the same for me. It’s also not that I never spend time with people. I just like it to be on my terms and with lots of time for myself in-between.

„I think talking to more people would make you more extroverted!”

Actually, forcing myself to socialize more than I want to is going to influence my mental health in a very negative way, plus, my introversion is also not something that I need to be cured from. Socializing more won’t change that I’m an introvert, as it determines who my brain is wired.

I don’t like quiet people much. I think you guys are so weak!

In fact, quiet people are proven to be some of the strongest and most resilient people! We are naturally very good at staying grounded in difficult situations while working on adaquate solutions to arising problems. All of that, often times completely on our own.

„I’m sure you’d be more successful if you would work on being a little more extroverted…

It’s a common misconception that being an introverts prevents you from being successful, even though there are many famous and very successful people out there who are introverted. It all comes down to motivation, mindset, and confidence and has nothing to do with being introverted or not.

„I bet you’re feeling lonely most of the time, am I right?

I actually don’t. I do prefer to have just a few friends, but those are very close to my heart, and we engage with each other on a regular basis. I’m very thankful for having them in my life, as they make me feel loved and cared about.

„I heard smiling more makes you a happier person and more outgoing!

I understand that you want to be helpful, but smiling morewon’t erase my introversion, as it has nothing to do with being unhappy. It’s okay if you don’t enjoy my energy, we are clearly not at the same wave-length.

„Why don’t you have time to hang out with me? Do you hate me so much?

I’m very sorry for leaving this impression. I don’t at all hate you! It’s just that I often don’t have the social energy to hang out with anyone after coming back home from a day at work/school. It takes me some time to recharge my social battery, makes me prefer to spend the rest of the day mostly alone. I hope you can understand!

„You seem so arrogant & full of yourself.

You should work on making yourself look more approachable!

I’m already doing my best to make myself look as approachable as I possibly can, but because I don’t feel very accepted or welcomed in this environment, it’s very difficult for me to look happy about being here. I think it would help me a lot more if you would make me feel appreciated in this space instead of criticizing me for feeling uncomfortable.

I hope this comes in handy whenever someone drops a mean comment about you at school, at your workplace or even at home. Being an introvert isn’t a flaw and together we can work on making this world and society a better place for us quiet people!

Feel free to check out my socials! I would love to connect with you over on Instagram or Tiktok. Until next time and have a wonderful day! 🙂

Overthinking: Why it’s hard to stop & my tips to break the cycle

The past days, or should I say weeks, haven’t been easy for me. I’ve been struggling a lot with overthinking, especially in the past days, and it feels like it’s reaching its peak at this very second I’m writing this. My head feels like it’s going to explode any minute, my thoughts are spiraling inside my head, and I feel so incredibly mentally exhausted. Still, I somehow can’t make it stop.

Negative thoughts, worries, self-doubt.
Does this sound familiar to you?

A couple of days ago, I posted a little introvert reminder on Instagram, saying: “Some thoughts are not worth overthinking.” Oh boy, am I right with this.

And still, here I am sitting on my laptop on this wonderful Thursday evening, overthinking and overthinking… and driving myself mad…

@thegermanintrovert on Instagram!

Does that make me a hypocrite and a failure? Of course not.

Even I, someone who understands a lot about mental health and studies health psychology at university, struggles like every other human being. And overthinking is really my kryptonite…

If you’re an overthinker like me, you know that there are thoughts that just really want to stick in your brain. No matter what you try, the moment you think they are finally gone, they’re going to be there staring at you and forcing you to overthink them again. Believe me, not even my beloved forest walks can chase them away. I tried!

There are two types of overthinking:

Overthinking is thinking about things you don’t have any control over. Either it’s things that you worry about in the future or that you regret doing in the past. Each of them is a different type of overthinking but causing both the same type of unproductive and unpleasant worry.

Overthinking makes you dwell in the negative emotions and worry either of those situations are causing you without offering any room or mental capacity to find a solution. You are emotionally and mentally focusing on the problem and what pain it’s causing for you and not solving it. But trust me, this doesn’t happen because you suddenly lost all your remaining brain cells! It’s because you either lack the information to find a solution to your current problem or because you’re doubting yourself to be able to find one.

Thinking about a problem while focusing on solving the problem, on the other hand, isn’t considered overthinking. Overthinking is a very unproductive type of mental process. Problem-solving “overthinking”, on the other hand, focuses on making intelligent and productive connections between the problem, the current situation, and the given possibilities to find an appropriate solution for it.

Why it can be hard to “just stop” overthinking:

  1. You don’t know where to start looking for a solution to your problem
  2. You’re self-doubting yourself a lot
  3. You’re comparing yourself to others leaving yourself feeling insecure & powerless
  4. You are too afraid to look for (emotional) support
  5. You’re distracting yourself from it rather than looking for the root cause

My tip for introverts who are overthinking right now!

I know it’s not easy to break an on-going overthinking cycle, and to be honest, sometimes it just takes a lot of patience with yourself to finally get over it. But if one thing is for sure, then it’s that you need to take care of yourself when you feel stuck in overthinking things.

These past days, I have been finding it incredibly helpful to just listen to myself and what my heart and intuition were telling me. Do I need a break? Do I need to retreat? Whatever it was, I’m still trying to just give myself what I needed to reduce the pressure I was also putting on me.

After logging off from social media for two days, something I instantly felt drawn to was to grab my journal and write my heart out.

Guiding journaling prompts that I used:

“What am I overthinking right now?”

“How do I feel about myself in this very moment?”

“What would be a good reason stop worrying about this?”

Give yourself time & do things that make you happy

If there is one thing you don’t want to do when you’re in the midst of overthinking, it is pushing yourself to your limits. Give yourself time. Give yourself space. Do things that genuinely make you happy. Do things that raise your self-esteem and make you feel good about yourself.

It’s okay to worry, I do it, too. Things don’t always go smoothly and it’s totally normal to struggle sometimes. It’ll pass. I promise!

Whatever is going on in your head right now while reading this, please know that you’re not alone! And trust me, the things you’re worrying about right now are probably not as bad or as significant as you think they are in real life. I don’t know about you, but putting things in perspective always brings back a little bit of peace into my mind.

Sending you a big virtual hug!

Why where you live matters as an introvert (and HSP)

This probably doesn’t come to you as a surprise considering my website’s name (and on every other social media platform), but let me say it anyway: I’m german 🙂 And you might have already guessed it, I also live in Germany. More specifically, I live in the south of Germany, somewhere quite a bit outside of Bavaria’s biggest city Munich. And let me tell you, I’m so incredibly glad about the location I live in. Far away from the city, but also close enough that going to the city doesn’t take longer than an hour. (In case I need to be there for some reason.)

After getting to know myself better and better over the past years and learning about my introversion and highly sensitive nature, I’m incredibly thankful that I don’t live in or too close to the city. And to be honest with you… the happier I become in my own skin, the more I actually crave to move away even more. Funny enough, it hasn’t always been this way!

When I was a teenager, I thought living in the city would be perfect for me. I whole-heartedly believed that my life would become so much easier when I wouldn’t have to travel up to 40 minutes by train to reach the city center. Living in an apartment right in the city? For a very long time this actually was my dream! Until I realized, that I might not be the right person to live that dream.

Why shouldn’t you live in the city as a highly sensitive introvert?

At first, living in the city, having pretty much everything in walking distance, and being able to travel everywhere by train in less than 15 minutes sounded like the solution to all my problems. Mostly because I knew how exhausting train rides could be, especially if you had to switch train lines to get to your final destination. But after working in the city for over 3 years and spending a considerable amount of time there as well, I realized that living in the city isn’t for everyone – most definitely not for me. Luckily, I didn’t have to make the “living in the city” experience before realizing this!

What changed my perspective?

There are different things that I noticed that made spending time in the city every day and for longer than just one or two hours nearly unbareable for me.

Here are a few of them:

1. The constant noise caused by cars driving up the streets all day long (and of construction sites as well!)

2. The countless number of people running from one place to another (which causes strangers bump into you more often than it is acceptable)

3. The lack of fresh and clean air thanks to all the pollution

4. Traffic jams everywhere (hearing cars honk is so annoying!)

5. The countless buildings glued next to each other making greenery like trees and bushes a real rarety in the city

6. New faces & people everywhere you go (which I personally find very unsettling for some reason)

7. The hectic engery in the city (which is just super draining if you are one of those people who pick up on energies quickly)

And as a highly sensitive introvert, who is naturally very sensitive to outside stimulation of any kind, likes to feel safe and enjoys having lots of nature around…. all the mentioned things are just absolute horror!

And I’m not the only one experiencing it this way!

What kind of environments make sense for introverts?

From various conversations with fellow introverts and highly sensitive people, I realized that I’m not alone who doesn’t enjoy the city very much. And from my own experiences, I know now that what sounded pretty cool at first can quickly turn into a real nightmare for me. After working for 3 and a half years right in the city center, I could never imagine living in this or a similar kind of surrounding area.

What would I look out for when choosing my future home as an introvert & HSP:

I actually have been thinking about this quite a lot, and I came to the conclusion that there are certainly a few things I like to check off my list before I would even think about moving into a new home.

My biggest and most important points:

  1. Nature: I want and need nature around me, and ideally, there is a forest in near walking distance
  2. Calm area: I definitely don’t need to be living in front of a busy main street. So, the calmer the area, the better!
  3. Town size: The bigger the town, the more people are going to be around – so keep that in mind when you choose it
  4.  Transport infrastructure: This can be a tricky one, depending on how far outside the city you want to live

Of course, I’m not claiming that these points are absolute necessities for every introvert. But I do believe that you would absolutely benefit from taking these different aspects into account. I will keep those points in mind as soon as I move out of my parent’s home and decide to move somewhere else.

A little side notes: Some introverts are meant for the city. There will always be a few exceptions who absolutely adore the city life, and if you happen to be one of them – congrats! Still, for the majority, living in the city is an absolute nightmare, and from what I’ve experienced, I will never recommend it to any introvert out there, let alone highly sensitive ones.

What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments or over on Instagram.

I can’t wait to hear from you! 🙂

My New Year’s Resolutions & Hopes for 2021 🎇

Wow, 2020 will soon be over, and honestly, I can’t wait for the new year to begin. 2020 was a lot! Not only for me but for so many other people from all around the world. I think it’s about time that this year finally comes to an end! Though, I will admit, 2020 was not only bad for me… it for sure also has its good moments. For example, that being an introvert never felt this good in my entire life than it did this year. I just wish the circumstances were different…

But in case you don’t share the same feelings about 2020 like me, I have some fantastic news for you: Tomorrow, we’ll be all starting into a full new year of possibilities, open doors, and chances! My fingers are crossed that 2021 will be a fantastic year for each and every one of us!

Today, because it’s the last day of 2020, I decided to share with you my resolutions for the new upcoming year of 2021. Maybe this will inspire you in some way or another!

Let’s make 2021 OUR year, shall we?

Less pressure, more relaxation!

This is actually a very big intention I have set for myself for 2021 because this year, unfortunately, I have been putting myself under a lot of unnecessary pressure – and it showed! I’m not a “hustle” type of person. I hate putting myself under pressure. Still, especially during this summer, I totally ignored the fact that I’m a rather slow and intuitive person when it comes to work, projects and studying. Instead, I tried to really push myself towards working on my goals day after day, because I thought this was the right thing to do. But after pushing and pushing myself over the edge several times over the course of 2020, which resulted in many migraine attacks, loss of my hormonal cycle and other awful side-effects, I have definitely learned my lesson: No more putting myself under pressure in 2021!

Also, I’m so done feeling guilty for wanting to rest, spending time alone and being “unproductive” while doing that. As introverts and highly sensitive people, we need time off to load our batteries and recharge. It’s natural and so important! Accepting that this is just who I am and nothing that I can change – yes I tried – is taking me one step further into living a happy life.

My ideas for more daily relaxation:

  • Prepare things in advance (for work, university, daily life, school…) so there is more time for you to relax & recharge
  • No more stressing about no-/low-impact problems (I see you, perfectionist!)
  • Set up clear boundaries for yourself to make sure you’re taking enough time off
  • Figure out your own personal working style & adapt your current one to it
  • Spend more time doing the things you love (because nothing makes you more productive than being happy!)

Stop trying to multitask!

If there is one thing I’m just really, really bad at, it’s multitasking. I am the worst at it, especially because I forget things super quickly and lose interest in things just as fast. Therefore, it’s essential for me to stop trying to be like everybody else who manages to have multiple different things on their plate without messing things up in the process. I’m not one of those people and that’s perfectly fine! Taking things one step at a time will be my motto for 2021. I hope this is going to prevent me from burning out quickly, losing interest in things too fast and also will help me keep my motivation for things as high as it can be!

Do more of what you love!

Even though I’m the type of person who forgets a lot and loses interest in things very quickly, I’m also open to try out new things and follow what my heart wants. This year, my drive to try out something new that fascinated me from the get-go made me even step out of my comfort zone and I took my first ever dancing class in Modern Jazz Dance in October this year. Now, I also started to take online classes in Ballett and I’m so happy about it!

But apart from taking dancing classes, I also started to learn how to digitally draw. I’m not an artist, and I don’t aspire to be one, but it’s also something I want to put more of my time into, as it’s a lot of fun and I enjoy it very much. Still, one thing I really want and need to work on is to keep doing the things I love and enjoy – even when they feel a little bit challenging at times… Maybe you are also an introvert with an eclectic range of interests and can relate?

All in all, my one big intention for 2021 is nothing more or less than to be happy!

I don’t know how 2021 is going to be for anyone of us, but I only wish and hope for the best. And who knows, maybe 2021 is going to be a better year for us introverts? I won’t give my hopes up that one day people will stop judging us for being who we are and instead accept and support us in this society.

See you in 2021, dear fellow introvert! 🌲✨

Positive affirmations for introverts 🌼

In case you are struggling right now or feel insecure about yourself, I gathered a few very powerful positive affirmations that you can use for yourself in your daily life.

Either print out this whole blog post or select a few to write down on a piece of paper! I promise, reading them out loud or in your head every day will absolutely improve your mental state and how you perceive yourself as an introvert.

Daily positive affirmations for introverts:

„I am whole.“

„I am enough.“

„I am worthy of love.“

„I respect my own boundaries.“

„I love who I am.“

„I am aware of my needs.“

„I let go of judging myself.“

„I am proud of who I am.“

„I can achieve everything I want in my own time.“

„I deserve to rest.“

„I embrace my uniqueness.“

„I conquer my fears with little steps.“

„I am unstoppable.“

„I am powerful.“

„I am strong.“

„I attract the people who are good for me.“

„I allow myself to grow through making mistakes.“

„I am happy.“

„I am kind.“

„I am deserving of love.“

„I believe in myself and my capabilities.“

„My mind is a place of uplifting thoughts.“

„I have loving and supportive relationships.“

„I take care of myself and my needs.“

„My needs are important.“

„I let go of all expectations.“

„I am unique and wonderful.“

„I am perfect the way I am.“

I hope these short affirmations will help you see yourself in a new positive light. It’s important to repeat them regularly (preferably daily) to raise your confidence and self-love.

Let me know which affirmations you like the most in the comments or over on Instagram.🧡

For more inspiration on life as an introvert check out my social media. I would love to let you in into my daily life as an introvert & show you how beautiful life as an introvert can be!

CBD: My experience as an Introvert, HSP & Migraineur + why I use it regularly

AD | Werbung

I first started to use CBD Oil about around 5 months ago. After debating about taking it for a little while, I managed to build up the courage to give it a go for the first time. Yes, I was a little bit concerned at the beginning, to be honest. I’ve been hearing so many different things about CBD online that made me a little bit unsure about it, nonetheless, I decided that I need to try it to see if it’s something for me.

It didn’t take long for me to start doing my research, and by the end of the month, I ordered my first ever bottle of CBD mouth oil online. And honestly, it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

How does CBD work?

The body has an endocannabinoid system (ECS), which plays a major role in your body’s central nervous system. The endocannabinoid system is comprised of cannabinoid receptors called CB1 and CB2 receptors. These receptors co-ordinate several functions in your body like, for example, mood, appetite, emotion, pain. What does CBD does to this system?

CBD impacts the activity of both of the endocannabinoid receptors in the ECS. By stimulating these receptors, it helps to reduce (chronic) pain and inflammations in the body. It can also positively affect your emotions by reducing stress and lifting up your over-all mood. >> Click here to read more about this process.

Which CBD Oil brand do I use?

Source: CBD Kosmetikum Purefy Landing Page

I use the CBD mouth oils by Purefy. This german brand produces organic and high-quality CBD mouth oils which they package and ship absolutely eco-friendly.

My personal favorite? 10% CBD mouth oil

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(Shipping to Germany & Austria only)

What has changed since I started to take CBD oil as an introvert and HSP?

It still feels insane to me how much I benefit d from taking CBD in the past months! Not only as a migraineur but particularly also as a highly sensitive introvert who is naturally prone to experiencing high amounts of nervousness as well as anxiety!

Anxiety & Stress:

First of all, taking CBD oil has helped me a lot in dealing with every kind of stress in my normal daily life. More so, since I’ve been regularly stepping outside of my comfort zone since starting my social media presencein the beginning of 2020.

You can probably imagine how difficult this can be for an anxious introvert like myself! And yes, it was just a matter of time until I started to struggle with both physical and psychological symptoms resulting from the stressful situations I was putting myself in…

Luckily, CBD oil has helped me a lot with getting a hold on the symptons and making them nearly completely dissapear. It helps me calm down my nerves, feel less anxious about a situation and grounds me like nothing else can. Especially, whenever my nervousness and anxiety starts to overwhelm me in acute situations, CBD in combination with breathing exercise really works wonders for me.

It’s no secret, that today I don’t hesiate with using my trusted CBD mouth oils whenever I’m in any type of stressful and anxiety-inducing situation. 🙂


Yes, even social situations are a lot easier for me as an introvert when I take a few drops of CBD before engaging with other people – mostly people I’m unfamiliar with or I’m not very close to!

Taking a few drops of CBD beforehand helps me to enjoy these types of social situations a lot more and also helps me to feel a lot more comfortable in my skin when I meet i.e. someone new. I also experience to feel less quickly socially drained when I take CBD before putting myself in rather unfamiliar social situations, which is a huge plus for me as an anxious introvert. 

Of course, it doesn’t magically turn me into an extrovert, but it does help enjoy socializing a little more – which I think is amazing!

How about my migraine attacks?

I’ve been a migraineur since I was little (I had my first attack when I was 7) and I can have around 2-5 migraine attacks per month. My migraine attacks last for about 4-6 hours and usually come with very intense pain on either the right or left side. They are often accompanied by other symptoms like nausea, visual disturbances, numbness in my hands, and extreme sensitivity to lights and noises.

One attack usually knocks me out for a whole day, sometimes even longer. I can experience the side-effects of it even two days after. The good news is that since I started to use CBD, I’m a lot less afraid of having a migraine attack!

Taking a few drops of CBD takes away 99% of all of my pain during a migraine attack. This makes it a lot easier for me to endure it and sometimes even go about my day while still having an active migraine.

This makes CBD the only remedy that is capable of reducing my pain to an absolute minimum & I’m so grateful to have it whenever I need it!

How often and when do I take CBD?

  1. When I plan to leave the house to go somewhere busy or crowded, meet people I’m unfamilair with or plan to put myself in any other type of anxiety-inducing situation: 5 drops of CBD mouth oil with 10% CBD.

When I have a migraine attack, depending on the pain level:

  • 5 drops of 10% CBD mouth oil at the beginning of the attack
  • 5 more drops when the pain doesn’t go away

Maximum: 15 drops! (Rarely ever happens)

>> Is CBD dangerous?

Consuming CBD is not dangerous at all. It’s not addictive, it doesn’t cause hallucinations or makes you high. If you are unsure about taking CBD, I recommend to talk to a doctor before taking it.

>> How can CBD help you as an introvert?

  • Reduce anxiety and nervousness (i.e. holding presentations)
  • Soothes stress (i.e. in crowded places)
  • Helps you to feel more comfortable in social situations

More positive effects:

  • anti-inflammatory
  • anti-acne
  • reduces pain (headaches, chronic pain, migraine)

Depending on the reasons why you choose to take CBD for, the amount of CBD you need to experience a positive effect can vary. I use 10% as it works best for me to get rid of intense pain and help me with anxitey. But even a lower percentage of CBD like 5% can be enough for your specific purpose. I recommend starting small if it’s your first time using any type of CBD product.

For more information:

3 Things I don‘t find weird about my introverted self anymore!🦉

Like most introverts, I also grew up feeling like there was something wrong with me. Although, back then, I had no clue why or what made me so different, I knew that I just was. I always stood out in a very negative and unpleasant way, and no matter how hard I tried, people always criticized me for being who I am in some shape or form.

Luckily, I started to better understand myself and the psychology behind my personality and behavior over time. I briefly talked about my journey in one of my previous blog posts, where I also touched on the impact it had on my confidence. During my research, I also have gained some major realizations, which opened a whole new perspective on the way I see myself today. Let me share a few of them with you today!

1. Our hidden superpower: Low need for social contact

I believe you know that there are many people out there who can’t stand the thought of being alone. And especially during this global pandemic, it was made very clear that it can be tough for some people to cope with being alone. But as introverts, being alone is actually more a blessing than a curse. 

I never not enjoyed being alone, and I love spending time with myself. Just because many people can’t understand that doesn’t make it weird in any way. It’s actually pretty cool, considering that we introverts are currently enjoying social-distancing while other’s, unfortunately, are really struggling right now. We are actively contributing to society by preferring to be alone. How cool is that?

2. Silence is often misinterpreted by extroverts

One of the funniest things I started to realize about human behavior is that silence can mean many things. Staying silent after being asked something can mean “no,” but also “yes”. It can also mean that you’re hiding something or that you didn’t understand the question in the first place. Silence is a very versatile answer, and yet, most people assume that it means that you don’t care. A huge misinterpretation! 

From my standpoint, I think this is because extroverts are used to hear someone say their thoughts out loud. We introverts, on the other hand, tend to keep our thoughts and opinions to ourselves. We only speak when we are sure about the things we want to say. A concept that can be hard to grasp for people who are used to say every thought out loud. I just think we are being very respectful!

3. It’s better to have a small circle as an introvert

As introverts, we aren’t made to fit in with the crowd or be friends with lots of people. We are the type of people who only have a handful of close friendships – a small circle with very well selected people in it – that we can count on and have our back. And I personally think, as someone who generally has a rather low need for social interaction, this makes absolute sense.

Trying to have a large friend group as someone who barely has the time or energy to be friends with multiple people can be stressful and very unsatisfying. It’s not at all weird that you keep your circle small. After all, you’re just making sure that the time and energy you invest in a friendship are of quality. You can’t tell me that this is not very considerate of us!

My big “introvert realization”?

As you can hopefully see, the things we find weird about ourselves compared to other people, are actually not as odd as we think when we take a closer look at it. We don’t harm anyone by being who we are; quite on the contrary: I believe that by being our true selves, we are actually doing good in every way possible.

You are not weird in any way. Society is weird for making us believe that about ourselves!

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Stepping out of your comfort zone as an introvert & my experiences!

I know, stepping out of your comfort zone as an introvert is scary. I can say that from my own experienceEven now, I still get anxious every freaking time I choose to do something that feels a little bit new, although I’ve been doing it quite a lot in the past months! Regardless, I also know how important it is — for your growth as a person, but also as an introvert!

Why is leaving your comfort zone essential for you as an introvert?

Generally speaking, leaving your comfort zone is always a good idea — even though it may feel quite a bit challenging! Every time you leave your comfort zone, you provide your brain with new input, which it can use to f.e. become better at coping with stressful situations and become better at finding solutions for uprising problems.

It’s also an excellent way to help you learn from mistakes and, with that, learn to predict future steps. Lastly, it’s also a good way to show you what you are made of, which can help you grow your confidence!

What if you don’t want to leave your comfort zone?

Don’t get me wrong. I feel you. As an introvert, who is also more on the anxious side, I really love my comfort zone. Motivating myself to do something unfamiliar costs me tremendous amounts of courage and willpower. And if I lack any of those, chances are I’ll probably rather stay with what I know and not leave my comfort zone at all.

But — not leaving your comfort zone every now and then also means that everything will always stay the same. Your surroundings, the circumstances you are in — even yourself.

It means to always and forever stick to the things that you are used to and comfortable with. There won’t be any growth, no new experiences, and no learning — not even from mistakes! Because most of those things happen outside of your comfort zone.

Yes, you can grow as a person staying inside your comfort zone. But not as much as you can outside of it!

Apart from personal growth, not leaving our comfort zone can cause various other issues that might hinder you from living your life to the fullest. F.e., losing interest in chasing after your dreams or lack of perseverance – as both require from you to leave your comfort zone from time to time.

About my experiences with leaving my comfort zone

Believe it or not, but leaving my comfort zone is not easy for me, too. Not at all! I tend to have really high expectations of myself sometimes, making it not easy for me to do things I’m not yet familiar with. For example, starting this blog and my whole social media presence has been quite a huge decision out of my comfort zone!

When I first started to blog and be on social media as a content creator, I really had no clue where I wanted to go with this. But I knew one thing for sure – that I was scared shitless anyone would find my stuff, judge me for it, and then bully me again for the things I post online. Back then, I barely had any confidence in myself and have barely tried to do something outside of what felt comfortable for me. I really enjoyed staying in my comfort zone…

Learning & growing as an introvert

Over time, I slowly started to feel more comfortable with the things I shared online and who I grew into. And this huge step out of my comfort zone really motivated me to take one step after the next even further outside of it. Not only on social media or my blog but also in my general day-to-day life.

What looked like little baby steps to others felt giant steps for me, though!

And all these giant steps made me more confident in handling situations, approaching new possibilities and ideas, and who I am as a person. I started to listen more to myself, my intuition, and my heart and also began to ignore what other people said about me or others. Suddenly, I felt like there was barely any room for negative self-talk, and so I kind of just stopped.

Of course, I can’t say that what other people say about me (or others) doesn’t bother me anymore, but I do believe that I definitely made some improvements regarding this in the past couple of months!

My advice for you as an anxious introvert

I believe that what really motivated me – especially as an introvert – was slowly stepping out of my comfort zone more and more with every time while having a goal set into my mind.

I had to think of the bigger purpose of me doing certain things and trying to overcome any of my fears. Like putting myself in front of the camera for the first time ever and speak about things that matter to me. Or recording reels on Instagram to share meaningful or lightweight and funny content.

Forcing yourself to do something out of your comfort zone without having a bigger intention in mind won’t work – at least it didn’t work for me!

Lastly, watching other people do the things you’re most afraid of and breaking down the steps to get there also helps a lot. Please be aware that you don’t start to compare yourself with those people, though. Watch to get inspiration from them and encourage yourself to do the same, but not to bring yourself down or even get jealous. I promise, you’ll get there!

Small steps are better than no steps at all!

Feel free to share with me your experiences with leavin your comfort zone as an introvert down in the comments or over on social media!

For more inspiration on life as an introvert check out my social media (Instagram, Facebook or TikTok). I would really be thrilled to welcome you on all of my platforms and let you into my daily life as an introvert.