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My New Year’s Resolutions & Hopes for 2021 🎇

Wow, 2020 will soon be over, and honestly, I can’t wait for the new year to begin. 2020 was a lot! Not only for me but for so many other people from all around the world. I think it’s about time that this year finally comes to an end! Though, I will admit, 2020 was not only bad for me… it for sure also has its good moments. For example, that being an introvert never felt this good in my entire life than it did this year. I just wish the circumstances were different…

But in case you don’t share the same feelings about 2020 like me, I have some fantastic news for you: Tomorrow, we’ll be all starting into a full new year of possibilities, open doors, and chances! My fingers are crossed that 2021 will be a fantastic year for each and every one of us!

Today, because it’s the last day of 2020, I decided to share with you my resolutions for the new upcoming year of 2021. Maybe this will inspire you in some way or another!

Let’s make 2021 OUR year, shall we?

Less pressure, more relaxation!

This is actually a very big intention I have set for myself for 2021 because this year, unfortunately, I have been putting myself under a lot of unnecessary pressure – and it showed! I’m not a “hustle” type of person. I hate putting myself under pressure. Still, especially during this summer, I totally ignored the fact that I’m a rather slow and intuitive person when it comes to work, projects and studying. Instead, I tried to really push myself towards working on my goals day after day, because I thought this was the right thing to do. But after pushing and pushing myself over the edge several times over the course of 2020, which resulted in many migraine attacks, loss of my hormonal cycle and other awful side-effects, I have definitely learned my lesson: No more putting myself under pressure in 2021!

Also, I’m so done feeling guilty for wanting to rest, spending time alone and being “unproductive” while doing that. As introverts and highly sensitive people, we need time off to load our batteries and recharge. It’s natural and so important! Accepting that this is just who I am and nothing that I can change – yes I tried – is taking me one step further into living a happy life.

My ideas for more daily relaxation:

  • Prepare things in advance (for work, university, daily life, school…) so there is more time for you to relax & recharge
  • No more stressing about no-/low-impact problems (I see you, perfectionist!)
  • Set up clear boundaries for yourself to make sure you’re taking enough time off
  • Figure out your own personal working style & adapt your current one to it
  • Spend more time doing the things you love (because nothing makes you more productive than being happy!)

Stop trying to multitask!

If there is one thing I’m just really, really bad at, it’s multitasking. I am the worst at it, especially because I forget things super quickly and lose interest in things just as fast. Therefore, it’s essential for me to stop trying to be like everybody else who manages to have multiple different things on their plate without messing things up in the process. I’m not one of those people and that’s perfectly fine! Taking things one step at a time will be my motto for 2021. I hope this is going to prevent me from burning out quickly, losing interest in things too fast and also will help me keep my motivation for things as high as it can be!

Do more of what you love!

Even though I’m the type of person who forgets a lot and loses interest in things very quickly, I’m also open to try out new things and follow what my heart wants. This year, my drive to try out something new that fascinated me from the get-go made me even step out of my comfort zone and I took my first ever dancing class in Modern Jazz Dance in October this year. Now, I also started to take online classes in Ballett and I’m so happy about it!

But apart from taking dancing classes, I also started to learn how to digitally draw. I’m not an artist, and I don’t aspire to be one, but it’s also something I want to put more of my time into, as it’s a lot of fun and I enjoy it very much. Still, one thing I really want and need to work on is to keep doing the things I love and enjoy – even when they feel a little bit challenging at times… Maybe you are also an introvert with an eclectic range of interests and can relate?

All in all, my one big intention for 2021 is nothing more or less than to be happy!

I don’t know how 2021 is going to be for anyone of us, but I only wish and hope for the best. And who knows, maybe 2021 is going to be a better year for us introverts? I won’t give my hopes up that one day people will stop judging us for being who we are and instead accept and support us in this society.

See you in 2021, dear fellow introvert! 🌲✨

Positive affirmations for introverts 🌼

In case you are struggling right now or feel insecure about yourself, I gathered a few very powerful positive affirmations that you can use for yourself in your daily life.

Either print out this whole blog post or select a few to write down on a piece of paper! I promise, reading them out loud or in your head every day will absolutely improve your mental state and how you perceive yourself as an introvert.

Daily positive affirmations for introverts:

„I am whole.“

„I am enough.“

„I am worthy of love.“

„I respect my own boundaries.“

„I love who I am.“

„I am aware of my needs.“

„I let go of judging myself.“

„I am proud of who I am.“

„I can achieve everything I want in my own time.“

„I deserve to rest.“

„I embrace my uniqueness.“

„I conquer my fears with little steps.“

„I am unstoppable.“

„I am powerful.“

„I am strong.“

„I attract the people who are good for me.“

„I allow myself to grow through making mistakes.“

„I am happy.“

„I am kind.“

„I am deserving of love.“

„I believe in myself and my capabilities.“

„My mind is a place of uplifting thoughts.“

„I have loving and supportive relationships.“

„I take care of myself and my needs.“

„My needs are important.“

„I let go of all expectations.“

„I am unique and wonderful.“

„I am perfect the way I am.“

I hope these short affirmations will help you see yourself in a new positive light. It’s important to repeat them regularly (preferably daily) to raise your confidence and self-love.

Let me know which affirmations you like the most in the comments or over on Instagram.🧡

For more inspiration on life as an introvert check out my social media. I would love to let you in into my daily life as an introvert & show you how beautiful life as an introvert can be!

CBD Oil: Why I take it & how it helped me as an introvert

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I first started to use CBD Oil about around 5 months ago. After debating about taking it for a little while, I managed to build up the courage to give it a go for the first time. Yes, I was a little bit concerned at the beginning, to be honest. I’ve been hearing so many different things about CBD online that made me a little bit unsure about it, nonetheless, I decided that I need to try it to see if it’s something for me.

It didn’t take long for me to start doing my research, and by the end of the month, I ordered my first ever bottle of CBD oil online. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Here I’ll be now sharing my experiences with you and what to expect if you decide to give it a go as well.

How does CBD work?

The body has an endocannabinoid system (ECS), which plays a major role in your body’s central nervous system. The endocannabinoid system is comprised of cannabinoid receptors called CB1 and CB2 receptors. These receptors co-ordinate several functions in your body like, for example, mood, appetite, emotion, pain. What does CBD does to this system?

CBD impacts the activity of both of the endocannabinoid receptors in the ECS. By stimulating these receptors, it helps to reduce (chronic) pain and inflammations in the body. It can also positively affect your emotions by reducing stress and lifting up your over-all mood. >> Click here to read more about this process.

What has changed since I started to take CBD oil as an introvert and HSP?

It still feels insane to me how much I have benefited from taking highy quality CBD in the past months as an introvert and highly sensitive person. Particularly as someone who is naturally rather anxious and prone to experiencing high amounts of stress and nervousness, and is a migraineur on top of that!

In acute siutations:

First of all, taking CBD oil has helped me a lot in dealing with the stress. Particularly in the past months during summer. I’ve been starting new projects and stepping outside of my comfort zone a lot during this time, which has been really getting to me emotionally and physically. I felt super stressed out and at some point started to have real physical symptoms as well.

CBD oil has helped me a lot with getting this under control again just by calming down my nerves and bringing me back into the present moment. Which is why, in acute situations involving anxiety and high amounts of stress, this has been really a lifesaver!

In my daily life:

I can also say that I generally started to feel way less nervous in my day-to-day life since I started to take CBD oil regularly. I feel way more comfortable in my own skin, generally less troubled inside, and can stay focused a lot easier than before. Also, situations, where I’m exposing myself to lots of external stimulation feel a lot less draining to me!

Even social situations feel less of a burden to me, which is truly kind of surprising to me as an introvert. Taking a few drops of CBD beforehand helps me to enjoy meet-ups with friends way longer, and I feel like I get a little less quickly drained when I have one or two friends around. Of course, it hasn’t magically turned me into an extrovert, but it does help make my batteries last a little bit longer!

Which CBD Oil brand do I use?

I use the CBD oils by a new german hemp oil brand called Purefy. This new german brand produces high-quality hemp oil that is sustainable and organic-certified. I’m so happy that I came across their products, as I was looking for a high-quality brand for a very long time.

My personal favorite is the 10% hemp oil, which you can order online and get shipped eco-friendly right to your home. USE CODE “INTROVERT15” to get 15% off your purchase! Visit the shop here:

Disclaimer: Purefy currently only ships to Germany and Austria. I hope they’ll be able to ship worldwide soon!

How about my migraine attacks?

A little bit about my migraine attacks…

I can have around 2-5 migraine attacks per month. My migraine attacks last for about 4-6 hours and usually come with very intense pain on either the right or left side. They are often accompanied by other symptoms like nausea, visual disturbances, numbness in my hands, and extreme sensitivity to lights and noises.

Having a migraine attack is not fun at all. One attack usually knocks me out for a whole day, sometimes even longer. I can experience the side-effects of it even two days after. The good news is that since I started to use CBD, I’m a lot less afraid of having a migraine attack.

Taking a few drops of CBD takes away all of my pain during a migraine attack, making it a lot easier for me to deal with the situation. Sometimes, if I take it quickly enough, it can even prevent the migraine attack from fully evolving, which is such a big advantage for me, as I normally get knocked out for a whole day when I have one. This alone makes me so so happy that I discovered CBD oil – a natural remedy – for myself to deal with this.

How often and when do I take CBD?

How often I take CBD depends on how I feel each day. If I’m feeling a little bit nervous or anxious, I would usually take a few (2-3) drops two to three times around the day. I would also always take a few CBD drops before leaving the house, especially when I’m about to go to working my shift at my side-job or going somewhere busy or crowded.

When I have a migraine attack, I usually take more than just a few drops depending on the pain level and the intensity of the attack. Normally, five drops will do the trick, but I will always proceed to take another five more extra drops on top when I notice the pain is arising. My migraine pains can be really intense, so this varies a lot!

Is CBD dangerous?

Consuming CBD is not dangerous at all. It’s not addictive, it doesn’t cause hallucinations or makes you high. If you are unsure about taking CBD, I recommend to talk to a doctor before taking it.

How can CBD help you as an introvert:

  • Reduce anxiety and nervousness
  • Help you deal with stress
  • Betters your sensitivity to external stimulation
  • Reduces pain like migraine pain or headaches

Depending on the reasons you choose to take hemp oil for, the amount of CBD you need can vary. I use 10% as it works best for me to get rid of intense pain. But even a lower percentage of CBD like 5% can be enough to help you deal with nervousness and anxiety. Therefore, I recommend starting small if it’s your first time using it and you don’t intend to use it to help you with intense pain.

Let me know if you have any experiences with CBD and hemp oil. I’d love to read about them in the comments!

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3 Things I don‘t find weird about my introverted self anymore!🦉

Like most introverts, I also grew up feeling like there was something wrong with me. Although, back then, I had no clue why or what made me so different, I knew that I just was. I always stood out in a very negative and unpleasant way, and no matter how hard I tried, people always criticized me for being who I am in some shape or form.

Luckily, I started to better understand myself and the psychology behind my personality and behavior over time. I briefly talked about my journey in one of my previous blog posts, where I also touched on the impact it had on my confidence. During my research, I also have gained some major realizations, which opened a whole new perspective on the way I see myself today. Let me share a few of them with you today!

1. Our hidden superpower: Low need for social contact

I believe you know that there are many people out there who can’t stand the thought of being alone. And especially during this global pandemic, it was made very clear that it can be tough for some people to cope with being alone. But as introverts, being alone is actually more a blessing than a curse. 

I never not enjoyed being alone, and I love spending time with myself. Just because many people can’t understand that doesn’t make it weird in any way. It’s actually pretty cool, considering that we introverts are currently enjoying social-distancing while other’s, unfortunately, are really struggling right now. We are actively contributing to society by preferring to be alone. How cool is that?

2. Silence is often misinterpreted by extroverts

One of the funniest things I started to realize about human behavior is that silence can mean many things. Staying silent after being asked something can mean “no,” but also “yes”. It can also mean that you’re hiding something or that you didn’t understand the question in the first place. Silence is a very versatile answer, and yet, most people assume that it means that you don’t care. A huge misinterpretation! 

From my standpoint, I think this is because extroverts are used to hear someone say their thoughts out loud. We introverts, on the other hand, tend to keep our thoughts and opinions to ourselves. We only speak when we are sure about the things we want to say. A concept that can be hard to grasp for people who are used to say every thought out loud. I just think we are being very respectful!

3. It’s better to have a small circle as an introvert

As introverts, we aren’t made to fit in with the crowd or be friends with lots of people. We are the type of people who only have a handful of close friendships – a small circle with very well selected people in it – that we can count on and have our back. And I personally think, as someone who generally has a rather low need for social interaction, this makes absolute sense.

Trying to have a large friend group as someone who barely has the time or energy to be friends with multiple people can be stressful and very unsatisfying. It’s not at all weird that you keep your circle small. After all, you’re just making sure that the time and energy you invest in a friendship are of quality. You can’t tell me that this is not very considerate of us!

My big “introvert realization”?

As you can hopefully see, the things we find weird about ourselves compared to other people, are actually not as odd as we think when we take a closer look at it. We don’t harm anyone by being who we are; quite on the contrary: I believe that by being our true selves, we are actually doing good in every way possible.

You are not weird in any way. Society is weird for making us believe that about ourselves!

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Stepping out of your comfort zone as an introvert & my experiences!

I know, stepping out of your comfort zone as an introvert is scary. I can say that from my own experienceEven now, I still get anxious every freaking time I choose to do something that feels a little bit new, although I’ve been doing it quite a lot in the past months! Regardless, I also know how important it is — for your growth as a person, but also as an introvert!

Why is leaving your comfort zone essential for you as an introvert?

Generally speaking, leaving your comfort zone is always a good idea — even though it may feel quite a bit challenging! Every time you leave your comfort zone, you provide your brain with new input, which it can use to f.e. become better at coping with stressful situations and become better at finding solutions for uprising problems.

It’s also an excellent way to help you learn from mistakes and, with that, learn to predict future steps. Lastly, it’s also a good way to show you what you are made of, which can help you grow your confidence!

What if you don’t want to leave your comfort zone?

Don’t get me wrong. I feel you. As an introvert, who is also more on the anxious side, I really love my comfort zone. Motivating myself to do something unfamiliar costs me tremendous amounts of courage and willpower. And if I lack any of those, chances are I’ll probably rather stay with what I know and not leave my comfort zone at all.

But — not leaving your comfort zone every now and then also means that everything will always stay the same. Your surroundings, the circumstances you are in — even yourself.

It means to always and forever stick to the things that you are used to and comfortable with. There won’t be any growth, no new experiences, and no learning — not even from mistakes! Because most of those things happen outside of your comfort zone.

Yes, you can grow as a person staying inside your comfort zone. But not as much as you can outside of it!

Apart from personal growth, not leaving our comfort zone can cause various other issues that might hinder you from living your life to the fullest. F.e., losing interest in chasing after your dreams or lack of perseverance – as both require from you to leave your comfort zone from time to time.

About my experiences with leaving my comfort zone

Believe it or not, but leaving my comfort zone is not easy for me, too. Not at all! I tend to have really high expectations of myself sometimes, making it not easy for me to do things I’m not yet familiar with. For example, starting this blog and my whole social media presence has been quite a huge decision out of my comfort zone!

When I first started to blog and be on social media as a content creator, I really had no clue where I wanted to go with this. But I knew one thing for sure – that I was scared shitless anyone would find my stuff, judge me for it, and then bully me again for the things I post online. Back then, I barely had any confidence in myself and have barely tried to do something outside of what felt comfortable for me. I really enjoyed staying in my comfort zone…

Learning & growing as an introvert

Over time, I slowly started to feel more comfortable with the things I shared online and who I grew into. And this huge step out of my comfort zone really motivated me to take one step after the next even further outside of it. Not only on social media or my blog but also in my general day-to-day life.

What looked like little baby steps to others felt giant steps for me, though!

And all these giant steps made me more confident in handling situations, approaching new possibilities and ideas, and who I am as a person. I started to listen more to myself, my intuition, and my heart and also began to ignore what other people said about me or others. Suddenly, I felt like there was barely any room for negative self-talk, and so I kind of just stopped.

Of course, I can’t say that what other people say about me (or others) doesn’t bother me anymore, but I do believe that I definitely made some improvements regarding this in the past couple of months!

My advice for you as an anxious introvert

I believe that what really motivated me – especially as an introvert – was slowly stepping out of my comfort zone more and more with every time while having a goal set into my mind.

I had to think of the bigger purpose of me doing certain things and trying to overcome any of my fears. Like putting myself in front of the camera for the first time ever and speak about things that matter to me. Or recording reels on Instagram to share meaningful or lightweight and funny content.

Forcing yourself to do something out of your comfort zone without having a bigger intention in mind won’t work – at least it didn’t work for me!

Lastly, watching other people do the things you’re most afraid of and breaking down the steps to get there also helps a lot. Please be aware that you don’t start to compare yourself with those people, though. Watch to get inspiration from them and encourage yourself to do the same, but not to bring yourself down or even get jealous. I promise, you’ll get there!

Small steps are better than no steps at all!

Feel free to share with me your experiences with leavin your comfort zone as an introvert down in the comments or over on social media!

For more inspiration on life as an introvert check out my social media (Instagram, Facebook or TikTok). I would really be thrilled to welcome you on all of my platforms and let you into my daily life as an introvert.

My journey: Learning to accept my introverted personality

Growing up as an introvert in a society that isn’t very appreciative of quiet people wasn’t easy. Knowing that people didn’t accept or like me for who I was – and still am – was tough. Most people found my personality to be VERY odd, to say the least. Barely anyone understood me. I saw it. I heard it. People even told me that right to my face. You can imagine that this alone made me believe all kinds of negative things about myself. Eventually, it even led me to neglect my own personality and forcing myself to be like how people wanted me to be. Even though it made me really upset and didn’t work for me at all, I thought this was the only right way. Unfortunately, this is something many other introverts out there experience as well. Do you recognize yourself?

It’s safe to say that most of my life I spend hating myself. No, I was no “special snowflake” or someone who pretended to be so different. I actually was different. So different that I spent the first 18 years of my life not only feeling like an outcast but also living the life of an outcast, including being bullied for years and being taken advantage of by numerous people who never actually cared about me. Does this sound familiar to you?

It took me some time to realize that I wasn’t the problem.

My self-discovery journey

Leaving high-school and switching to university was my jump start into a new life. It’s also where my self-discovery journey, that ultimately inspired me to start building up my Instagram page began. (By the way, if you don’t follow me on Instagram yet, feel free to check it out — my page: thegermanintrovert)

I was just at beginning of understanding myself when I decided to share my thoughts online

It was somewhere around the internet, a couple of months prior to creating my Instagram Page, that I stumbled across the terms of “introversion” and “extroversion”. When I read about the “introversion” side of the spectrum I started to realize one thing: What if I’m not a lost cause, but just an introvert who has been taught that she needed to be and act contrary to her personality to fit into the extrovert-oriented expectations of our society?

As someone who was already very interested in psychology, I just had to start doing my research on this topic from that point on. And yes, you could say I kind of got obsessed with it! (No wonder I just HAD to start studying psychology this year after finishing my first degree in business administration and marketing.)

Reading more and more about introversion and what psychologists had to say about it as the core nature of someone’s personality literally changed everything for me. Suddenly everything started to make sense to me and I slowly began accepting myself for who I was with every following day.

What came next?

If you are an introvert yourself who just recently started to really get to know yourself (maybe after stumbling across my Instagram or my Blog), you know that learning abot you being an introvert changes a lot. And so it did for me! But with all the things that changed (f or the better!) also came a lot of work. Work that I had to put into myself to create a life that fits my needs and personality.

>>Read my blogpost: This changed since I started to accept my introverted self<<

1. Letting go of toxic friendships

This one was honestly the most challenging step in my self-discovery and self-acceptance journey! Letting go of people is never easy – especially not the toxic ones, as they have a way to gaslight you into believing all kinds of nasty things about yourself and your reality.

Of course, some toxic people aren’t necessarily bad people! Some just don’t fit into your life anymore, which doesn’t make it any easier to let go of them.

It sure might feel like you’re breaking up with someone, but it’s honestly so worth it. It’s very liberating and kind of feels like a fresh start when you manage to get rid of people who only hold you back from your true potential. Plus, as an introvert, you already lose so much energy just by interacting with people. So, you for sure don’t want to waste your energy on toxic ones.

2. Challenging old beliefs & thoughts

Another big step in my self-discovery journey was to take a really close look into my belief system. What do I think about myself? What have people make me believe? What has society taught me? Challenging each belief and thought I had at back then was vital for me to make progress in my personal growth as an introvert.

Why?, you might ask.

As I said at the beginning, people and society made me believe all kinds of negative things about myself. They made me believe that something was wrong with me. That I needed to fix parts of myself and become how they wanted me to be. So I can finally be liked by other people for once! And as someone who got bullied from an early age on, I really believed everything other people had to say about me.

So, detaching myself from what I believed was true (especially about myself) and reevaluating every single thought and belief I had was extremely important for me, so I could eventually start seeing myself as who I really was!

3. Getting to know my needs and acting accordingly

Lastly, getting to know my needs – and I mean, like really getting to know them – was absolutely a necessity for me during my self-discovery journey. I knew that I always felt more drawn to specific activities and ways of living, but I never actually knew the reason behind it. So, getting to know me as an introvert and learning to accept myself as that included to also look deeper into what I like and care about and what brings me joy or not.

This automatically made me feel less ashamed of myself and even made me proud of liking the things I like, because I started to see the reasons behind it!

It also made me more aware of who I am and what I need to be happy. Suddenly, doing things I disliked or I didn’t felt like doing felt more wrong than ever. Pushing myself over the edge only so I won’t be seen as boring, or even worse, make someone not like me? Definitely not happening anymore!

Self-acceptance starts with you. Wanting to be somebody else is a waste of time. (Marilyn Monroe)

Where are you on your self-discovery journey right now? Feel free to comment or message me on Instagram to share with me your experiences as an introvert. Would love to hear from you!

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Why you need extroverted friends as an introvert!😊

No personality type is more idealized in our society than the extroverted personality type. Especially in business, extroverts are like the popstars entrepreneurs and recruiters look up to. Pretty much everybody wants to be like them, and honestly, I can’t blame them!

Extroverts – are they really so special?

Most extroverts are really fun to be around, and many for sure know how to win the crowd. That’s also why so many actors, singers, comedians, and public speakers are extroverts. Yet, not every extrovert is like that – even between extroverts, there are can be huge differences in character and personality that makes each extrovert unique. Still, most extroverts have it easier a lot easier than us the introverts, when it comes to social interactions and social life in general.

Contrary to us introverts, extroverts are usually more open towards the new. New faces don’t make them this nervous, they are also way more talkative than us, and they usually don’t have huges struggles with feeling comfortable in a new situation. An extrovert also doesn’t mind group projects or spending extra time with co-workers after their shift to strengthen their relationship with each other.

All in all, extroverts are really good at anything that requires social communication! But should we introverts hate them for that, because communication usually isn’t our strong suit? No, of course not.

Instead of secretly hating your extroverted co-workers or fellow students at university or school, how about connecting with each other to establish a friendship that is of mutual help to each other?

The benefits of having an extroverted friend

Let me introduce you to a couple of reasons why you should have extroverted friends as an introvert! Of course, it’s not mandatory to have one if you can’t seem to connect with any extrovert on a more personal level. But I can assure you that being friends with one you enjoy to occasionally spend your time with can be super fun as well as beneficial to you.

1. No more awkward silence

As already mentioned, extroverts are really good at talking. Not everyone is great at it, but they usually know how to fill the silence and jump from one conversation topic to the next.

How does this help you? As introverts, we all know the struggle of keeping a conversation going. Especially with people we barely know, this can be very challenging. For extroverts, not so much! They probably do not even notice that you’re struggling and naturally take over the conversation, so you don’t have to worry about unintentionally creating an awkward silence.

2. They cheer you on when you’re scared

Extroverted people aren’t nearly naturally as scared as we introverts are. This is because their brain enjoys the new stimulation they get from being at unfamiliar and new places and generally making new experiences wherever they go! We introverts are quite the contrary. Of course, not every one of us gets super anxious, but we all tend to be way more careful and cautious than others. Sometimes, this makes us very hesitant to try new things even though we know that we would enjoy it.

Extroverts can be of great help when it comes to these kinds of situations! They usually aren’t scared of trying out new things and way more willing to have those new experiences — even if they feel scared. Seeing your extrovert friend doing something with barely any hesitation and watching it go well can help you gather your courage to make the same step forward.

3. Need company? Say no more!

If I know one thing for sure, it’s that having an extroverted friend is absolutely a life-saver whenever you need to go somewhere new but feel unsure of going on your own. Most extroverts, if not all, are always down to accompany you if you need their emotional support – at least if they aren’t somewhat bad people, and you actually have the guts to tell them that you need their help.

I really envy this about extroverts because I wish I could lend someone this unique kind of (emotional) support that an extrovert can provide! And I do hope you have someone in your life who can lend you exactly this type of support when you need it.

4. Always there if you need someone to talk

The last thing I want to bring up yet again are the insane communication skills of an extrovert compared to us introverts. This not only comes in handy whenever they are in social situations, perhaps with groups or business partners, but also in normal day-to-day life. Which also includes situations where someone is upset or sad and needs someone else to talk to.

I know that it’s not very common for introverts that we feel like we have to talk to someone. But just in case it ever happens and you do feel like you have to talk about your problems and feelings and everything else that has been overwhelming you lately – an extroverted friend might be your best option to get it all out. This, of course, doesn’t mean that an introverted friend can’t be as helpful – not at all! Talking to a fellow introvert can be insanely useful in many ways, but only if you’re ready to truly open up about the things that are going on in your mind. In case you don’t, an extrovert might be the better option!

At the end of the day…. it doesn’t matter if your friend is an extrovert or not. What matters is if your friend is a kindhearted person who supports you whenever you need help. A fellow introvert who gets you can be just as powerful of a friend as any extrovert could possibly be!

“It is the friends you can call up at 4 a.m. that matter.”

Marlene Dietrich

And just in case you’re wondering right now why this article reads like you’re reading about yourself, but you identify yourself as an introvert – chances are you’re not actually introverted! Read my previous blog post to get to know yourself better >> “3 Signs you might not be a real introvert”

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The German Introvert walking along a field of sunflowers

3 Signs you might not be a real introvert – maybe you’re an extrovert or ambivert?🤷‍♀️

As an introvert, I know what it feels like to be one.

I was born an introvert, and I will most certainly die an introvert as well. It’s nothing that changes over time or that I can influence to change. So, you could say, at this point, I’m quite sure that there is no way I will ever experience what it feels like not to be an introvert. (Scary thought that there are people who don’t know what it feels like, huh?)

As an introvert, I’m quite sure I know how most introverts feel like deep inside. I know from my own experience where particular behavior comes from, and I think I can kind of predict it as well, thanks to my knowledge in psychology. I don’t believe that people don’t have a free will – even an introvert can behave totally differently to their personality if they want to. Still, I think that most of us have specific behaviorism in common, making it easy to tell us from extroverts apart.

Have you been mistyping yourself for an introvert?

So in this blog post, I want to share a couple of facts to help you figure out if you have been mistyping yourself or are indeed an introvert. Trust me, this can happen quite easily, considering introversion-extroversion being a spectrum and all the misconceptions about introverts in our society!

Here are the 3 signs you might have mistyped yourself for being introverted:

1. You love talking to people and meeting up with them!

Starting off with an obvious one! As an introvert, this couldn’t be more not true for me. It’s not that I hate people or hate talking to them, but I honestly could go days without talking to or seeing anyone and wouldn’t be bothered by it in the slightest. For extroverts, this sounds probably more like a nightmare! The only ones that could possibly manage it, while still being a bit sad about it at some point are ambiverts, in my opinion.

I noticed, that especially during quarantine, extroverts have had the biggest struggles. I saw them crying online and going into quarantine with friends, because they couldn’t bear the lack of human contact. Some were even falling into depression because of it. If that is or was something you struggled with during quarantine, I hate to break it to you, but you’re most definitely not an introvert.

2. You find solutions to problems by talking about them with others!

For introverts, it’s quite natural that we think before we speak. (That’s why most of us, if not all, are huge overthinkers!) This also goes for when we are facing problems and need to find solutions for it. I can tell you, before an introvert decides to ask anyone for help or talk to anyone about it in some way or another, we will first try to figure it out ourselves. This includes thinking about specific outcomes, sketching out different ways of approaching the problem, and creating multiple scenarios to see where it could lead us.

Extroverts tend to approach problems in quite the opposite way! They usually have to talk to someone about the issue they are facing. They develop their solution to a problem by talking with someone about it and all the various scenarios and as well as ways of approaching it. While introverts think before they speak, extroverts think while and after talking. You’re most likely not an introvert if you can resonate more with the extrovert’s way than the introvert’s way of solution-finding.

3. You have a huge friend group and are always in touch with everyone!

Lastly, I also want to mention that introverts are usually pretty private people. We don’t have large friend groups or tons of close friends. I personally prefer to have a small circle of friends with a maximum of 5 people, which is a really high number for an introvert if you ask me. I literally don’t have the capacity nor the energy to be friends with more people than that. And even now, with having 5 friends, it’s really hard for me to take care of each of these friendships properly. I really like each person, but I often just don’t have the energy to meet and spend time with each of them.

As I said earlier, I don’t hate people, and I’m also not afraid of them (most of the time at least), but as an introvert, I really don’t need as much social contact as extroverts or even ambiverts would to be happy. This also goes for chatting over text messages, calling each other over the phone and all the other things. I check my text messages probably once a day and I think that’s completely enough for me.

Honestly, I’m that much of a private person that it happens quite regularly that I just forget that other people, including my friends, still exist. Isn’t that crazy? 😀

There’s more to consider when typing yourself!

Of course, there many more things to consider when trying to type yourself, either being more introverted or extroverted. It’s a spectrum, and ambiverts prove that some people really are just somewhere right in the middle. There are many tests online that you can do to figure out where you lean more towards to and doing a little research always helps.

As an introvert, I always have kind of known, even if I didn’t know the term for describing it. But if you find yourself questioning if you actually fit into the “I’m an introvert” category, chances are that you’re actually not that much of an introvert.

How introverted would you say are you on a scale from 0 (not at all) to 10 (very introverted)?

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Welcome fall! 🌻 Why I love fall & how I make the most of it as an introverted homebody

It’s September, dear introverts – my most favorite season of the year is back!

And of course, I’m celebrating the arrival of this beautiful season by drinking freshly made herbal tea, wearing fuzzy socks, and binge-watching my favorite Halloween themed tv show episodes. Have I already mentioned how much I actually love fall? 😉

As an introvert, fall is my most favorite season for two reasons:

I don’t have to feel guilty for staying inside

Firstly, people finally stop making us introverts feel bad for preferring to spend our time inside at home rather than outside in public places. The weather is getting colder every day, and pretty much no one actually enjoys cold temperatures. Therefore, wanting to stay inside all day long rather than walking around outside in the cold, especially while it rains, is socially acceptable. Love that!

People start to focus more on solo activities

And secondly, the people will start to rediscover the joy of indulging in solo activities like reading books, watching TV shows or movies, and playing video games 24/7 around this time of the year, which really takes away a lot of the pressure that society puts on people like us! It seems like people respect it more and don’t judge you for not wanting to socialize.

I feel a strong connection to the Fall season

Lastly, I love fall because September is my birth month, and I naturally feel very drawn to the Fall season.I’m also a sucker for all the Halloween related spooky things.👻 I also just love the overall color theme of this beautiful season. Earthy tones are my most favorite colors!

Here are some of my most favorite activities to make most of this Fall season:

How I make the most of the Fall season as an introvert

Even though Fall is really the most perfect season for introverts, I have also experienced very dull days and even weeks as an introvert during Fall. The key to making the most of the Fall season as an introvert? Balance & variation!

Get outside whenever the sun shines!

Going for walks during fall is by far one of the most beautiful things. I personally love seeing the brown leaves falling from the branches of the trees while watching the sun softly shine through them and creating this beautiful, unique atmosphere that just makes my heart happy.

The physical movement is the icing on the cake for me. It really helps me to maintain a happy mental state, and for someone who is naturally rather lazy, it is definitely great for my physical health to get outside on a walk as well. Under the compromise to only (or mostly) go for walks when the sun shines makes it less overwhelming for me. (And if you feel like it, you can still go outside on misty or rainy days as well. Personally, seeing the sun shine motivates me a lot more than rain.)

Get crafty or creative – or both!

For me, Fall is the perfect time to pick up old hobbies, get more skilled at current ones, and just to try out new things in general. The whole Fall vibe really gets me into this really wonderful creative headspace, and that’s why it makes even more fun for me to really create and try out new things around this time.

Need some ideas? I always collect and dry leaves from trees during Fall. 🍁 Often I will collect them when I’m on one of my walks that I just mentioned and decorate my room and my windows with them when they are dried.

Another thing I really want to do this Fall is getting better at drawing. I’m really into creating digital content and I would love to get started with creating digital art as well. I already did my first couple of tries around last Fall in 2019, but I want to get better at it. (I might be showing you my progress on my Instagram Stories and on my Patreon Page at some point!)

Is there something you can think of that you want to start doing during this Fall?

Why not bake something and try out new recipes!

I’m a huge fan of baking, and I do have my favorite recipes. But I also like to try new ones and be a little creative while putting them to the test. Last Fall, this is exactly how I discovered my iconic homemade cinnamon rolls recipe! >> Click here to check it out: Cinnamon rolls á la The German Introvert<<. I don’t have any baking-related goals for this Fall season, but I’ll definitely try to re-create a couple of chocolate cookie recipes! Are you in? Of course, I’ll be sharing with you my most favorite ones!

Go on a self-discovery journey with yourself

If you follow me on my Instagram Stories, you know that I’m a huge fan of journaling. I love it so much, and it has been so beneficial to me in many ways! >>Click here to learn how to get started with intuitive journaling.<< It had helped go through many downs and negative feelings in the past and has been my outlet (positive and negative) whenever I needed it. But it also has been a place for growth, development, and reflection as well!

What I really love about journaling is that I can always grab it and just browse through the pages. Reading about past feelings and experiences allows me to gain new perspectives on things, reflect on my past behavior, and make better choices in the future. Fall seems to be the perfect season to go on a little self-discovery journey, don’t you think? Journaling for sure is one of the best ways to do that.

You don’t know how to start your journaling practice and need some guidance? I offer monthly journal prompts on my Patreon. Click here to check out my Patreon Page!

Was I able to inspire you to make the most of this year’s Fall season?

I wish you a wonderful fall!🌻

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mike photographer marketing manager community month banner

The life of an introvert: An interview with Mike; Photographer & Marketing Manager #CommunityMonth

Yay – welcome to the last interview of this very special introvert community month!

This month, I’m going to introduce you to four wonderful introverts from all around the world who will share with you their stories and life experiences as introverts. This interview is the third interview of this whole series. If you missed the first two, please check out the Interview with Tasmin Lowe, the Interview with Franziska Marx and the Interview with Maria afterward!

Let’s meet today’s guest: Mike!

Question: “Want to introduce yourself?”

Answer: My name is Mike, I’m 35 years old and my hobbies are photography, reading, graphic designing and cycling. I work as a Marketing Manager. My aspirations are being a writer, photographer, diplomat and humanist.

Q: “Have you always known you were an introvert?”

A: In 2018, I came to know I was an introvert after taking an MBTI test. Later, that was validated by natal chart and introspection of events from the past that led me to believe that I was introverted. It was interesting yet surreal. Today, it makes me accept my core and act accordingly whereas all these years I wasn’t and that was because I was ignorant in some ways and faking in many ways in order to be validated and accepted by people or the world at large.

Q: “Has being an introvert influenced your childhood?”

A: I was always shy and scared to open up. But when I did open up, I could have conversations. But in conversations, after a point of time, I would end up speaking more thus making the others around me uncomfortable and irritated.

I was humiliated and bullied for many reasons including being dumb and stupid in front of them. People would take the mick out of me for being very naïve and weird. Matter of fact I still do get mocked. Since I am also a highly sensitive person, I come across as gay or even very feminised.

Q: “How does your daily life look like as an introvert?”

A: Since I am an INFP (MBTI), I feel more, romanticize more, idealise more, infatuate more, and be very impulsive. I have come across as very attractive so women have liked me in the instant but not after a few minutes. Even in past relationships, women have taken undue advantage of me being nice. In one way, I forgive them for their actions. In another, I do not as they have played with my emotions.

Q: “With what kind of situation do you struggle with the most?”

A: As an introverted HSP, I was also attracted to toxic people in professional and personal life and that has been a huge challenge and struggle for me. I go out of my way to help people. Sometimes I have expected something in return and sometimes not. Expecting love, kidness, and affection has been the only things I have always wanted because I do not have interest in materialistic things.

Q: “What advice would you give your younger self for situations that were uncomfortable?”

A: I’d tell my young introverted self that the world is an oyster and you have plenty of options to choose from be it work, food, relationships, etc but sooner or later you will and you should know about yourself. You may hit rock bottom or get depressed but that would help you know yourself. Then, be thankful to everyone and everything that led you up to that point. You will meet people who’d like you and dislike you, lie to you and be honest with you, break your heart or help you recover, and these could be your family, friends, acquaintances, and strangers. But, they are all teaching you something. Focus on the lessons, learn, unlearn, and relearn. Get to know your core. Stay with the core because that will help you and guide you

Q: “What would you advise fellow introverts to do to help them make the most of their lives?”

From my experience, I’d highly recommend the following tips: Meditate, take walks, sleep for 7-8 hours, switch off mobile an hour before sleep, switch on mobile after 30 minutes upon waking up. Drink plenty of tea and get a natal chart reading to get to know yourself a bit more. Set and maintain boundaries.

Thank you so much Mike for letting us into your experiences and life as an introvert!

Do you want to reach out to Mike? Check out her Instagram @thesensitiveinfp and make sure to follow her account to get insights into her life and experiences as an introvert and Slow Life Advocate!

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