About me

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Hi, it’s me “The German Introvert”!

Hello there!
My name is Julia, I’m a 22-year-old health psychology student, and I’m an introverted soul who pursues a slow and mindful lifestyle!

As someone who is incredibly passionate about helping fellow introverts, I really want to do my part in helping you understand your introversion better. And maybe even encourage you on your way to create a healthy lifestyle fitting to your introverted personality! I want to use this platform to share with you my tips and tricks and hopefully inspire you this way to pursue a slow and mindful lifestyle yourself.

My long-term goal is to spark a positive change in the way society thinks about us, so no introvert will have to feel like having to change to fit in ever again.💜

If you want to see more content and accompany me on my day-to-day life, check out my social media platforms (Instagram or Facebook) – I would be happy to have you here!

Sending you lots of love!

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