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3 Things I don‘t find weird about my introverted self anymore!🦉

Like most introverts, I also grew up feeling like there was something wrong with me. Although, back then, I had no clue why or what made me so different, I knew that I just was. I always stood out in a very negative and unpleasant way, and no matter how hard I tried, people always criticized me for being who I am in some shape or form.

Luckily, I started to better understand myself and the psychology behind my personality and behavior over time. I briefly talked about my journey in one of my previous blog posts, where I also touched on the impact it had on my confidence. During my research, I also have gained some major realizations, which opened a whole new perspective on the way I see myself today. Let me share a few of them with you today!

1. Our hidden superpower: Low need for social contact

I believe you know that there are many people out there who can’t stand the thought of being alone. And especially during this global pandemic, it was made very clear that it can be tough for some people to cope with being alone. But as introverts, being alone is actually more a blessing than a curse. 

I never not enjoyed being alone, and I love spending time with myself. Just because many people can’t understand that doesn’t make it weird in any way. It’s actually pretty cool, considering that we introverts are currently enjoying social-distancing while other’s, unfortunately, are really struggling right now. We are actively contributing to society by preferring to be alone. How cool is that?

2. Silence is often misinterpreted by extroverts

One of the funniest things I started to realize about human behavior is that silence can mean many things. Staying silent after being asked something can mean “no,” but also “yes”. It can also mean that you’re hiding something or that you didn’t understand the question in the first place. Silence is a very versatile answer, and yet, most people assume that it means that you don’t care. A huge misinterpretation! 

From my standpoint, I think this is because extroverts are used to hear someone say their thoughts out loud. We introverts, on the other hand, tend to keep our thoughts and opinions to ourselves. We only speak when we are sure about the things we want to say. A concept that can be hard to grasp for people who are used to say every thought out loud. I just think we are being very respectful!

3. It’s better to have a small circle as an introvert

As introverts, we aren’t made to fit in with the crowd or be friends with lots of people. We are the type of people who only have a handful of close friendships – a small circle with very well selected people in it – that we can count on and have our back. And I personally think, as someone who generally has a rather low need for social interaction, this makes absolute sense.

Trying to have a large friend group as someone who barely has the time or energy to be friends with multiple people can be stressful and very unsatisfying. It’s not at all weird that you keep your circle small. After all, you’re just making sure that the time and energy you invest in a friendship are of quality. You can’t tell me that this is not very considerate of us!

My big “introvert realization”?

As you can hopefully see, the things we find weird about ourselves compared to other people, are actually not as odd as we think when we take a closer look at it. We don’t harm anyone by being who we are; quite on the contrary: I believe that by being our true selves, we are actually doing good in every way possible.

You are not weird in any way. Society is weird for making us believe that about ourselves!

For more inspiration on life as an introvert check out my social media (Instagram, Facebook or TikTok). I would really be thrilled to welcome you on all of my platforms and let you into my daily life as an introvert.


  1. I liked your article. There’s nothing wrong with being either an introvert or an extrovert. At the end of the day, whatever feels right to you is the right approach for you. I’ve been both but then again my experience has led me to see happiness as infinitely evolving. Thanks for sharing.


    • Interesting perspective! I think, as an ambivert you might not see and completely understand the impact of realizing these things about yourself. I’m happy to you are happy, though. One question: What do you exactly mean by “the right approach”? 🙂

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  2. Thanks! By the right approach, I mean the one that your feelings guide you toward. Don’t get me wrong, not listening to your feelings can be a valuable part of their larger growth. It’s very individual. People tend to zig-zag on their way towards their personal heaven. I have no problem with that approach because they can take whatever path they choose. The direct path, in my experience, is to follow where your feelings guide you.


  3. thealienbabys says

    Such a cool article! I really enjoyed reading it and can totally relate. 💜 One thing I’m not feeling weird for anymore is also keeping my circle small and close. ✨

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  4. Beautiful write! So far I am the most introverted person I’ve ever met. It’s good to know I’m not alone. I look forward to reading more from you.


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