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Why you need extroverted friends as an introvert!😊

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No personality type is more idealized in our society than the extroverted personality type. Especially in business, extroverts are like the popstars entrepreneurs all recruiters look up to. Pretty much everybody wants to be like them, and honestly, I can’t blame them!

Extroverts – are they really so special?

Most extroverts are really fun to be around, and many for sure know how to win the crowd. That’s also why so many actors, singers, comedians, and public speakers are extroverts. Yet, not every extrovert is like that – even between extroverts, there are can be huge differences in character and personality that makes each extrovert unique. Still, most extroverts have it easier a lot easier than us the introverts, when it comes to social interactions and social life in general.

Contrary to us introverts, extroverts are usually more open towards the new. New faces don’t make them this nervous, they are also way more talkative than us, and they usually don’t have huges struggles with feeling comfortable in a new situation. An extrovert also doesn’t mind group projects or spending extra time with co-workers after their shift to strengthen their relationship with each other.

All in all, extroverts are really good at anything that requires social communication! But should we introverts hate them for that, because communication usually isn’t our strong suit? No, of course not.

Instead of secretly hating your extroverted co-workers or fellow students at university or school, how about connecting with each other to establish a friendship that is of mutual help to each other?

The benefits of having an extroverted friend

Let me introduce you to a couple of reasons why you should have extroverted friends as an introvert! Of course, it’s not mandatory to have one if you can’t seem to connect with any extrovert on a more personal level. But I can assure you that being friends with one you enjoy to occasionally spend your time with can be super fun as well as beneficial to you.

1. No more awkward silence

As already mentioned, extroverts are really good at talking. Not everyone is great at it, but they usually know how to fill the silence and jump from one conversation topic to the next.

How does this help you? As introverts, we all know the struggle of keeping a conversation going. Especially with people we barely know, this can be very challenging. For extroverts, not so much! They probably do not even notice that you’re struggling and naturally take over the conversation, so you don’t have to worry about unintentionally creating an awkward silence.

2. They cheer you on when you’re scared

Extroverted people aren’t nearly naturally as scared as we introverts are. This is because their brain enjoys the new stimulation they get from being at unfamiliar and new places and generally making new experiences wherever they go! We introverts are quite the contrary. Of course, not every one of us gets super anxious, but we all tend to be way more careful and cautious than others. Sometimes, this makes us very hesitant to try new things even though we know that we would enjoy it.

Extroverts can be of great help when it comes to these kinds of situations! They usually aren’t scared of trying out new things and way more willing to have those new experiences — even if they feel scared. Seeing your extrovert friend doing something with barely any hesitation and watching it go well can help you gather your courage to make the same step forward.

3. Need company? Say no more!

If I know one thing for sure, it’s that having an extroverted friend is absolutely a life-saver whenever you need to go somewhere new but feel unsure of going on your own. Most extroverts, if not all, are always down to accompany you if you need their emotional support – at least if they aren’t somewhat bad people, and you actually have the guts to tell them that you need their help.

I really envy this about extroverts because I wish I could lend someone this unique kind of (emotional) support that an extrovert can provide! And I do hope you have someone in your life who can lend you exactly this type of support when you need it.

4. Always there if you need someone to talk

The last thing I want to bring up yet again are the insane communication skills of an extrovert compared to us introverts. This not only comes in handy whenever they are in social situations, perhaps with groups or business partners, but also in normal day-to-day life. Which also includes situations where someone is upset or sad and needs someone else to talk to.

I know that it’s not very common for introverts that we feel like we have to talk to someone. But just in case it ever happens and you do feel like you have to talk about your problems and feelings and everything else that has been overwhelming you lately – an extroverted friend might be your best option to get it all out. This, of course, doesn’t mean that an introverted friend can’t be as helpful – not at all! Talking to a fellow introvert can be insanely useful in many ways, but only if you’re ready to truly open up about the things that are going on in your mind. In case you don’t, an extrovert might be the better option!

At the end of the day…. it doesn’t matter if your friend is an extrovert or not. What matters is if your friend is a kindhearted person who supports you whenever you need help. A fellow introvert who gets you can be just as powerful of a friend as any extrovert could possibly be!

“It is the friends you can call up at 4 a.m. that matter.”

Marlene Dietrich

And just in case you’re wondering right now why this article reads like you’re reading about yourself, but you identify yourself as an introvert – chances are you’re not actually introverted! Read my previous blog post to get to know yourself better >> “3 Signs you might not be a real introvert”

For more inspiration on life as an introvert check out my social media (Instagram, Facebook or TikTok). I would really be thrilled to welcome you on all of my platforms and let you into my daily life as an introvert.

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  1. Oh ja, ich unterstütze das voll, was du schreibst. Meine besten Freundinnen waren auch oft extrovertiert, und was ich an ihnen geliebt habe, war die Abenteuerlust und dass sie einen einfach dazu motiviert hat, was zu unternehmen und einfach nur Spaß zu haben. Auch habe ich mich mit ihr niemals alleine gefühlt und hab mich mit ihr an meiner Seite immer total mutig gefühlt. Und ich konnte sie nachts um 3 anrufen – sie war sofort für mich da.


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