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Melatonin: A lifesaver for introverts with sleeping problems?

Ever had a night where you could barely fall asleep? Where you spent hours trying to calm your body down while watching your thoughts going back and forth on a topic you thought you’d had already forgotten about? If you answered this with a loud yes, please keep on reading, because I might have found the perfect solution to your sleeping problem!

But first, let me tell you a bit about my past experiences with sleep…

Like pretty much everyone in my family, I’ve always struggled with falling asleep. This started already when I was just beginning to go to school and hasn’t changed ever since. I’m 22 now and still can’t manage to fall asleep like the average person and struggle with it a lot to this very day.

My struggles during the nights as an introvert

I’m one of those people who suffer from a very active brain during the nights. While my body is already done for the day, and my eyes are getting more tired every hour, my brain isn’t nearly finished yet. And when the clock strikes midnight, my brain is just getting ready for its intense mode leaving my sleepless hours on end.

When this happens, like most of the time, I try my best to keep myself busy as best as possible. I really want to avoid being trapped in another overthinking cycle, as it sometimes can lead to a full-blown panic attack, so I try to get my mind off of anything that could trigger that. Therefore I’ll be scrolling through my phone and hopping from one social media platform to another until my body is so tired that it forces me to fall asleep without wasting a single thought on sensitive topics.

This isn’t really one of the healthiest ways of falling asleep. In fact, going to sleep like that has undeniable negative effects on your general sleep quality, which will highly impact your overall performance in your day-to-day life. You can imagine that I was very interested in improving this as someone who knows how much your physical health can affect your mental health as well! Also, as I already tire super quickly during a typical day, thanks to being a highly-sensitive introvert, I would really appreciate the extra bit of energy from having a better sleeping quality.

And finally, I learned about a magical thing called “melantonin” that was supposed to help me fix my destroyed sleeping cycle.

What is Melatonin and how does it work?

Melatonin is a hormone that your body produces to regulate your normal sleep and awake cycles. It’s naturally produced by your body whenever you are exposed to darkness, which signals the body to prepare for sleep. Exposer to light decreases the melatonin production as it signals the body to stay awake or wake up. Melatonin makes you sleepy and a little bit dizzy, so you have it easy to fall asleep at night.

Some people don’t produce enough melatonin. This can have many reasons, such as a delayed sleep phase, jet lag, shift work, or disabilities, which are making it hard for the body to produce the right amount of melatonin at the right time. A healthy body most likely produces enough melatonin for its general needs. However, even a “healthy body” can struggle with it at times!

Why should I supplement melatonin?

Those of you who struggle with an over-active brain like me during the nights, causing insomnia and making it hard for you to fully function in your normal day-to-day life due to lack of sleep, can really benefit from supplementing melatonin.

It allows you to take back the power over your sleeping cycle by giving your body what it struggles to produce naturally through synthetic pills or chewables, which will significantly increases your sleep quality. The higher amount of melatonin in your body will make it easier for it to understand that it’s bedtime and will ultimately make it easier for you to fall asleep. The better your sleep is, the more energy you have during a day! Which is a blessing for an introvert who already struggles a lot with lack of energy during the day.

In my opinion, this isn’t something you would want to supplement on a long-term basis. But I think that this is a great thing to use as a short-term treatment to fix current sleeping issues that are making your life unnecessarily hard right now.

My experience with melatonin as an introvert with short-term insomnia

As an introvert who struggles a lot with short-term insomnia from time to time, supplementing melatonin has really been very beneficial to my overall health and well-being. Especially at times when stress is taking over and making it extraordinarily hard to fall asleep at night, melatonin has been a great help to me! I try to only use it when it feels necessary to me – but as it’s something your body produces naturally, I don’t mind taking it for a couple consecutive days to fix my issue at that present moment.

My recommendation:

Personally, I can highly recommend chewables, as it goes very quickly directly into your bloodstream. Any brand goes, as long as they offer high-quality synthetic melatonin. Often you can find very affordable high-quality melatonin in drugstores. But don’t hesitate to go to your local pharmacy to get it, even if it’s a little more on the pricier side! Quality matters. 🙂

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  1. I’ve always been a night owl but I never associated it with introversion. This got me thinking. But I like staying up late too. The night offers that silent companionship I crave when I’m around people. Thanks, anyway!


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