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5 reasons why you should love being an introvert

I know that many introverts are currently on their path of self-acceptance and self-love which I totally love. But I also know how hard this can be sometimes, therefore today’s blog post is all about embracing your introverted self!

So, in case you’re having a bad day today and/or are just disliking some parts of your introverted personality right now, I hope this little list of reasons to love being an introvert helps you to shift your thinking at least a little bit and makes you become more selfloving of yourself (again).

Embracing who you are isn’t always easy, I totally get that (been there, done that), but I know that every little step counts. So we have to do just a little step today and I hope every other step after today will feel a lot easier and lighter in the future. So let’s go!

As an introvert, you are…

…. naturally very empathic!

We are really good at understanding human emotions, and as people who are very sensitive to outside stimulation, we notice even the slightest emotional shifts in someone else very quickly. But that’s not all! The majority of us is naturally very compassionate when it comes to other people’s feelings. We don’t like to hurt others but even less want to see others being hurt. Often – as we can totally sense what other people are feeling and are very good at putting ourselves in their shoes, we know exactly what the other person needs right now to feel better. The best thing is, between friends, this works every time!

… easy to make happy!

As introverts, we enjoy a simple lifestyle. We don’t need fancy and expensive things in our lives to make us happy. In fact, we see the beauty in everything, so even the most expensive things won’t ever make us as happy as a hot cup of coffee or tea (or whatever your favorite drink is) in the morning while enjoying the silence of the early hours.
Rule of thumb: The less outside stimulation – the happier we are!

… remarkably independent!

If we know one thing for sure, then it’ll be how to survive in our society while avoiding any type of human contact just to make sure you’re not making a fool out of yourself. Even though sometimes being this much afraid of human interaction can be difficult (check out my blog post about >> social anxiety <<) – we are incredibly good at solving our problems entirely on our own. This makes us being really effective when working by ourselves and boosts our creativity. If there is a problem, you can be quite sure your introvert brain knows exactly how to solve it – alone. 😉

… great at choosing the right friends!

And that’s a fact. Introverts are very cautious when it comes to meeting new people and letting them into their social circles. If you’re not vibing with each other right from the start, the chances someone will become one of your closest friends – or even just a “normal” one (which basically doesn’t exist) – is pretty low. We’re really good at sensing the right people, and we can tell if someone is going to be a really good friend of ours or is even having an agenda…

… never (or rarely) bored.

We are people who love to spend our time alone. But – we definitely don’t stay at home just to stare holes into our walls! We stay at home because there are multiple things we love to do that we can do completely alone and brings us so much joy, that sometimes we actually forget about our reality. Most of the time, our interests are so widely spread, that before we would actually consider going outside to meet up with people, there are at least two other things we would like to do instead that would make us far happier.

What are your thoughts? Is there something that I have missed?

Don’t hesitate leaving a comment or sending me a message over on Instagram. Maybe we can gather some more facts to love about being an introvert for a part two. 🙂

I hope this helps you to loving yourself a little more every day.

Sending you all the love!


  1. Thanks for the article! As an introvert I can approve of most of these things you’ve listed.
    But I’m neither good at understanding (human) emotions and thus not very empathic.
    Also I can’t really say that I’m not good yet at choosing the right friends.

    But what I can add: I think that introverts learn more. Don’t get me wrong, while I don’t think that extroverts need more time to learn the same thing (although that may be the case), I believe that introverts spend more time learning (about) new things.


    • Thanks for your comment! Of course, not everything applies to every introvert out there! We all are different so it would be crazy to assume that we all have the same “talents” and traits. 🙂 So thank you so much for sharing about yourself, really appreciate it!!

      As far as learning new things goes, I would say that’s a valid statement! We consume a lot more information than everybody else so it is just right to assume we learn more than extroverts.

      Have a nice day!!!


  2. I wish I was more introverted. I would get more done! Quarantine is also hard for an extrovert whose main source of energy is from other people. I had not considered this isolated environment being hard for introverts, so thanks for the perspective.

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    • Hi! I think you may be intended to post this comment on another blog post of mine – about my experience in quarantine, right? Nonetheless, thank you for your comment and thank you for sharing your thoughts as well! I think both sides have their issues during this quarantine tim, which we definitely have to acknowledge! I hope we all get out of this stronger.💜


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