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Guide: 5 ways to boost your self-confidence every day!

If there’s something a lot of introverts struggle with then it’ll be self-confidence. This can have many reasons, one being that many introverts experience bullying (mentally and physically) throughout their whole lives as well as unhealthy relationships with people who aren’t supportive of them. This and talking yourself down as a side-effect often results in having only very low self-confidence or even worse, none at all!

As the (mostly) very reserved introverted human beings that we are, I bet we can all benefit from a little more confidence in our lives! 

Even if you haven’t experienced bullying or any other kind of mistreatment because of who you are, I’m sure there have been situations that have been making you feel less confident at some point. In this extrovert-oriented society, sometimes it can be hard to stand your ground when you have to! 

People have subconsciously put you into a box based on your introverted nature without you even knowing it and at times that makes them think they are allowed to treat you a certain way no matter if it’s appropriate or not. For some people, saying nothing is consent and we can’t let them think that! It’s crucial for us to be confident enough to say what we think when we have to say something if it’s in a normal day to day situation or during a business meeting.

Today I want to share with you 5 simple ways to boost your self-confidence on a daily basis that I have tried out and use myself to not only appear more confident but also feel more confident on the inside!

Dress to impress yourself!

Wearing cute clothing or clothes you feel 100% comfortable and attractive will not only make you glow like a goddess on the outside but also work as an amour against every kind of negativity around you. Knowing that you look good and that you feel amazing in what you wear will look freaking powerful and show people, that they can’t mess with you. But keep in mind, your outfit has to fit your personality. Otherwise, you will feel like you’re wearing a costume and this will a 100% kill the self-confidence you intended to increase with this.

Don’t question yourself, but always question your thoughts!

This is something that is really hard for me to practice on a daily, but when I do, it really helps me to focus more on the present and stop myself from dwelling in the future or in the past too much. Because let’s be honest, we as introverts tend to overthink so much and overthinking is a real confidence killer. When you start overthinking something, I advise you to question the thought that made you start overthinking. Make sure to remind yourself, that whatever action you took in the past or will take in the future is based on a very good reason and this reason isn’t to question!

Be kind but set your boundaries straight!

I know that many introverts – including myself – have a huge issue with saying things like they are. We hate to be rude and we hate to make other people feel uncomfortable. And that’s totally fine, you don’t have to be rude to set your boundaries straight but sometimes what we consider “rude” isn’t actually “rude behavior” but not what we think is “polite”. Don’t mistake politeness with kindness. You are still a kind person if you tell someone to go away and leave you alone. But you don’t and under any circumstances have to endure someone’s presence because you think it’s a polite thing to do. Politeness is a social construct to make people behave and that has nothing to do with kindness. Remind yourself of the reasons for your boundaries and to stick to them. Don’t let other people persuade you into thinking differently about them or even worse: loosen them for them! Sticking to your boundaries and not letting other people walk over them will increase your confidence in the long run.

Speak slowly but with power! 

I get nervous really quickly and if I have to talk to someone that I just met, chances are that I will start talking in a very fast but nervous way because I don’t want to bore the other person with my thoughts. But this is obviously not the best way to communicate with other people and gives your conversation partner the impression that you don’t really mean what you’re saying and that you’re not really putting any thought into it. So my tip is, to intentionally start speaking slowly and to take your time forming your sentences. I know that this can be tough, especially because new people sometimes make us really nervous, but it makes a huge difference in how we feel about ourselves during the conversation (strong and powerful rather than nervous and unsure!) and how others perceive us in return.

Shoot for the moon but don’t forget to shoot for the stars as well!

One thing that makes me really happy is when I’m achieving my goals. It doesn’t matter if it’s because I got a good grade at an exam or because something just worked out the way I wanted to, the serotonin that those achievements releases in your body are huge confidence boosters! But the thing with goals is, that we tend to make them so hard to achieve, that it occasionally it will take ages to turn them into reality. For that reason, I encourage you to always, always, always break your big goal into smaller goals. Achieving many small goals will do the same trick (release serotonin!) and help you to gain confidence every time you achieve on at a time. Trust me, this really works! I’m doing this all the time.

I hope you find this little confidence guide helpful! 

Of course, there are so many other tips out there but I found the ones I listed the most helpful during the past few years that I’ve been trying them out and I hope they will help you as much as they helped me in your future as well.

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Hi, I'm the German Introvert. A young woman in her twenties that promotes self-love and self-acceptance for introverts all around the world! Check out my Instagram for more: @thegermanintrovert - I'm happy to see you there!

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